The girl Isabella is yet to be born, but it shows that he pulled his father, Kaka, 29, a midfielder from Real Madrid.
"She will not stop kicking, is moving all the time. Luca (first child who turns three years in June) was more quiet," says the gospel singer Caroline Celico, 23, who is the ninth month of pregnancy.
The baby will be born strong legs in May. In March, mother and son traveled to Madrid, where he lived with Kaka for the capital.
The couple has an apartment in South St. Paul and Carol, born and raised in the city, wanted to have the support of the family for Isabella.
The singer plans to stay with the children in the city until August.
While Isabella does not come, Carol enjoys the capital. She loves the gardens and Itaim, as the cafeteria Grand St., where I made the interview and photos from this story.
"I love coffee, but because of the pregnancy, just take a cup a day. I also have to eat nuts, I do not like much. For her health is worth everything," he says.

Here is how are the spirits of Kaka, Carol and Luca for the arrival of Isabella.

The woman is very sensitive during pregnancy. How do to overcome the distance of Kaka?
It is true, we always get even more sensitive during pregnancy. But the final preparations are so intense ... I found it great to come to Sao Paulo take care of it while Kaka is dedicated to games. I'm sorry for is more of Luca. My husband and it feels really miss each other: they love to run, play, fight, mess up, those games of man, you know? Luca tries to do with me, but it does not, right? (He says, stroking the belly)

How is this relationship going the distance?
We talk a lot by phone and exchanged several messages via SMS. Still not sure he will be released to see the birth, but in June, the first day of vacation, he'll be at my side.

But you will not miss him at the time of birth?
Yes, but the last two weeks of pregnancy and the first month of the child are very intense. It is a relationship between mother and son too, I feel no room for anyone else. At this stage, there's no heed to her husband. It has that thing as well: the baby cries, then the husband goes to work tired the next day ... So it's good. Kaka will arrive in Sao Paulo at a time when home, rotininha baby will be more stabilized.

Luca is not jealous?
My son has a very loving personality. Now, he kisses my belly, hug, says he'll teach her the music of Barney, will feature Mickey, Minnie. These days, we went to a store and he wanted to buy a baby duck bath equal to him, he loves. Only in pink. So for now, Luca's fine. It may be that after the birth of Isabella, he surprised all the attention a newborn requires. This week, for example, Luca said he was tired of saying that her sister will be called Isabella. Everywhere we go, people ask for it (laughs). But jealousy is normal and we will resolve this.

Why have you chosen the name Isabella?
It was a choice we made three. We were in doubt between Natalie, Isabella and Julia. We liked the "beautiful" because every girl wants to be a princess, beautiful. And has the meaning of the name is "God's promised." Isabella came through the surprise and we are confident that it will inaugurate a different time in our lives, like Luca opened.

The baby was not planned?
We wanted, but never thought would come so fast. It took me over six months to get pregnant with Luca and she was soon after that we decided to have a new son. My period is irregular. Earlier, Kaka and I realized that my form had changed: my hips widened, I began to see a darker line on the belly. So I did a survey of pharmacy it was negative. It took a month and a half to find my pregnancy.

In pregnancy, Kaka had to chase some desire?
I wanted to eat special foods such as chocolate mousse with passion fruit, sole in white sauce. I like to cook and even posted the recipes on the blog. In Brazil, my mouth full of water when I remembered the food of my college (Carol studied in an English school in the Gardens, full time). Before having Isabella, want to go back there to eat in bandeijão (laughs).

What is the most exciting moment of this pregnancy?
I cried when I saw it was a girl. Another boy would also be welcome, but always planned to have a boy first then a girl.

You should have received several pats ...
(Laughs) No. .. My mother gave the first earring, heart. Refill the cradle of Luca and white clothes.

Kaka and you want to take a second brother to Isabella?
When they are more grown older, independent, eat alone, we want a third child.