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► Klaus + Caroline || Him and I

Klaus & Caroline [Next To Me]

● All i want for christmas is you... ll Klaus and Caroline

klaus x caroline || see you for what you are

Klaus & Caroline [We'll Take On The World] +5x13 SPOILER

Klaroline [...and she smiles.] +8x16

Klaus & Caroline [The Man You Come Home To]

Klaus & Caroline | Instant Crush

●AU || Klaus & Caroline || LWYMMD [HBD SOPHIE ]

Klaus & Caroline feat. Beauty and the Beast

► Klaus + Caroline || Teardrops

White Blood || Klaus & Caroline & Hope (AU)

Klaus & Caroline II The Other Side [HBD SILVIA]

Klaus & Caroline | D y n a s t y

Klaus & Caroline [Serious Love]

klaus&caroline | run to you (8x16/4x13)

Stefan & Caroline // Parachute

The diares Vampire Caroline e Stefan

Klaroline - Baby I

klaroline sad fanfiction || i never loved you

Klaroline | give me love

Caroline Forbes - Cry Baby

Caroline Forbes { Fight Song }

caroline // obvious

Klaus & Caroline | Leave Me Lonely

Stefan & Caroline | Love in the Dark

Let Her Go - Caroline & Stefan

Klaus+Caroline//Die Trying

Stefan & Caroline - Shape Of You

Klaroline [...and he smiles]


Stefan & Caroline - I Miss You

Stefan + Caroline II You will find me

The Story Of Stefan And Caroline

Caroline & Tyler | who do you think you are?

Stefan & Elena (+ Caroline) | where i stood

Caroline Forbes || Me, Myself & I

Caroline Forbes | Paralyzed

Klaus & Caroline [Silhouette] +8x05

klaus + caroline | true colors

Klaus and Caroline [Hope, Lust, Love] +7x14

Caroline Forbes | Can You Feel My Heart?

Caroline Forbes | Too Original

Klaus & Caroline | P h o t o g r a p h

Klaus & Caroline | Like I'm Gonna Lose You [7x14]

Klaus & Caroline || "Do you still have feelings for her?" [7x14]

Stefan & Caroline || Chandelier

Stefan & Caroline | Losing your memory

Caroline Forbes | Uptown Funk

Caroline Forbes- carousel

The Vampire Diaries- Caroline Forbes Story

Steroline: Can't Feel My Face

Stefan and Caroline: Yours

►Caroline Forbes | Carmen {6x18}

► Caroline forbes | 'Good vampire'

♥ Caroline Forbes || Bad Sometimes (6x19) ♥

Caroline Forbes | Sun Of A Gun

caroline forbes | i'm never the one

Caroline Forbes || Diggy Down

►Caroline Forbes | Did it on 'em

Caroline Forbes||Dollhouse {+6x18}

Caroline Forbes | I believe there's love in you

Caroline Forbes - Problem

Caroline Forbes | It stops hurting

Caroline Forbes | dollhouse.

Caroline Forbes: Did it on em'

Caroline Forbes - humanity switch

Caroline Forbes | THOU SHALL NOT KILL[+6x16,17]

{TVD} Caroline Forbes - Step Alone

Caroline Forbes | I Can't Do Worst. {6x14 - 6x15}

Caroline Forbes | Falling To Pieces

▶ Caroline Forbes || Albatraoz

• Caroline Forbes|| The Last Stand

caroline forbes | hells arrive

caroline forbes ● your worst nightmare

♣Caroline Forbes♣

Caroline Forbes | I love it (6x17)

Caroline Forbes Kick It

Caroline Forbes: Hearts Under Fire {+6x16}

CAROLINE FORBES | "I need to cut this scars out of my life"

Caroline Forbes | Pray To God

caroline forbes | black widow

Caroline Forbes | It hurts so bad [6x15]

Caroline Forbes | Blank Space

Caroline Forbes {6x16}

Caroline Forbes | Golden Girl [+6x17]

Caroline Forbes || Out of Mind

Caroline Forbes | Your way is much more fun [+6x17]

TVD | Caroline Forbes - That Girl Is A Problem (6x16)

Caroline Forbes×Disturbed [+6x16]

Caroline Forbes || Dazed

Dark!Caroline | I'll become your worst nightmare [+6x16]

Dark!Caroline II Wonderful World

Dark!Caroline - Lullabies

Dark!Caroline | Hell Arrives. {6x16}

Dark!Caroline | Dance in the dark

Caroline Forbes || Maniac (6x16)

● Caroline Forbes | Bad Machine

Darkness | Caroline Forbes

►Caroline Forbes | Guilt