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Carrie-new forum.  valleym 47 1495 over a year ago
Carrie Banner and Icon submissions  celebrityluv 10 421 over a year ago
Proples Choice Awards  MIcarrie 7 550 over a year ago
Carrie's TV/Radio Appearances  carrietx 5 270 over a year ago
The Sound of Music  woodysden 4 619 over a year ago
Carrie mentioned on HLN NEWS!  gin5 4 272 over a year ago
Carrie Banner And Icon Submissions!  Cookie_Glam 4 1491 over a year ago
HELLLP !!  woodysden 3 685 over a year ago
CARRIE GET HER 'MARIA' MOMENT.  gin5 3 143 over a year ago
EXTRA , EXTRA , Read All About It !!!  woodysden 3 491 over a year ago
people choice awards are out now. first round. lets get to work everyone thats a carrie fan. VOTE VOTE VOTE.  gin5 3 250 over a year ago
Can't believe!  gin5 3 270 over a year ago
Carrie and Willies duet!  gin5 3 324 over a year ago
Carrie underwood-voice of versatility  gin5 3 225 over a year ago
www.?????  tld49 3 310 over a year ago
Last attempt  tld7150 3 177 over a year ago
Welcome everyone!!!  thistime15 3 311 over a year ago
carrie underwood brings PB&J and TATTOOS to Redbook  gin5 2 383 over a year ago
Sound of Music News:  woodysden 2 338 over a year ago
thought you all would like to know this!  gin5 2 573 over a year ago
NICE READ EVERYONE.  gin5 2 405 over a year ago
Extra Extra !!!  woodysden 2 270 over a year ago
CMAS  gin5 2 608 over a year ago
Top 50 videos  tld4968 2 385 over a year ago
Carrie and Brad on GMA Friday Nov.1st.  sd20 2 341 over a year ago
Carrie underwood gets the comic book treatment  gin5 2 570 over a year ago
Carrie Underwood Honoree for 38th annual NY Honors Gala. Today.  gin5 2 299 over a year ago
TOC Hottest Country Star  tld4968 2 413 over a year ago
Carrie and the Kids  htd68 2 371 over a year ago
WOW! Carrie  gin5 2 376 over a year ago
Hi everyone  gin5 2 284 over a year ago
Here for now....  htd68 2 213 over a year ago
Country's Most Beautiful Woman  CUFan7 2 784 over a year ago
Seeing Carrie  sexyspike1 2 631 over a year ago
Photos of the week  tld4968 1 888 over a year ago
SOUND OF MUSIC  woodysden 1 1104 over a year ago
Carries performance!  gin5 1 195 over a year ago
PCA and AMA  tld4968 1 323 over a year ago
Sound of Music Update;  woodysden 1 542 over a year ago
people choce nomintee are out.  gin5 1 148 over a year ago
GAC homepage...Carrie's fans  tld4968 1 586 over a year ago
Carrie's SOM Commerical  tld4968 1 235 over a year ago
FAME COVER of comic book  gin5 1 426 over a year ago
SONY MUSIC NASHVILLE  gin5 1 627 over a year ago
SOUND OF MUSIC EMERGES  gin5 1 586 over a year ago
heres the second round of performers for the cma.  gin5 1 226 over a year ago
41st. annual AMA nominees.  gin5 1 246 over a year ago
Carrie underwood says tv. is hard  gin5 1 169 over a year ago
Appearance thread  htd68 1 313 over a year ago
Guess the lyric - Props top be won  teamVolturi 1 335 over a year ago
Carrie Underwood on Walmart Soundcheck  carriesound 1 967 over a year ago
new album  katie89 1 504 over a year ago
Carrie on the cover of Seventeen Magazine!  Kimberly01 1 662 over a year ago
Carrie Underwood  funsizedtink 1 469 over a year ago
Carrie  jackluva06 1 404 over a year ago
Carrie polls  tld4968 0 532 over a year ago
The Making of Sound of Music Live to air Wed. Nov.27th 8pm Est  sd20 0 757 over a year ago
heres a good one and don't forgey!  gin5 0 158 over a year ago
VOTE1 VOTE1 VOTE1  gin5 0 248 over a year ago
Will Carrie Underwood's "Sound of Music" live event win over Globe, Sag voters. 10/22/13  gin5 0 512 over a year ago
people choice awards nominations.  gin5 0 79 over a year ago
VOTE FOR CARRIE1 AT DIALIDOL.COM  gin5 0 197 over a year ago
Carrie receives sales honors!  gin5 0 75 over a year ago
AMAs nominees announce!  gin5 0 112 over a year ago
everyone here should watch this it is so funny. enjoy! its at taste if country.  gin5 0 160 over a year ago
forgot to do this, sorry. Q&A.list  gin5 0 79 over a year ago
Q&A by Carrie and Brad.  gin5 0 60 over a year ago
47th annual cma award announcement first performers  gin5 0 235 over a year ago
Carrie's in NYC  tld7150 0 171 over a year ago
Carrie's Polls  tld7150 0 111 over a year ago
where is everyone.  gin5 0 106 over a year ago
interview  gin5 0 185 over a year ago
WOW! MIRANDA LAMBERT & CARRIE UNDERWOOD BLENDING VOICE check her out  dcla2k3 0 339 over a year ago  aiceee23 0 554 over a year ago
New article with Carrie!! please vote!  idolheaded 0 5914 over a year ago
Carrie Underwood talks about the iHeartRadio Music Festival!  cuzubis 0 790 over a year ago
check this out!  idolheaded 0 723 over a year ago
all time idol top 13  idolheaded 0 736 over a year ago
Exclusive Visit from Carrie Underwood!!!  caseysmith 0 1509 over a year ago
ZAC EFRON and Carrie dating?!?  zacattack4400 0 558 over a year ago
Carrie Underwood  DavidHenriefan1 0 773 over a year ago
Only At Target!  Kimberly01 0 549 over a year ago
Carrie's official track listing to Carnival Ride  Kimberly01 0 535 over a year ago
new video  katie89 0 411 over a year ago