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Castle & Beckett - All History - Wedding, Always and I Love You

Castle & Beckett // Wicked Games

Castle-Promo 7x6 and 7x7

Caskett-Always deleted scene(brighter)

Caskett-Always(4x23)deleted scene

caskett | losing your memory

castle&beckett | everything (6x23)

Castle & Beckett - 'Sometimes the worst things in life the things most away' [6x02]

Castle 6x03 Promo "Need To Know" (HD) Season 6 Episode 3

Castle 6x02 "Dreamworld" Sneak Peek (1) Castle is hoping Beckett ha

Castle & Beckett | 'I can't imagine my life without you' [6x01]

▶Castle&Beckett | Gravity

Castle 5x24 - Ending- Castle's proposal to Beckett

Castle 5x22 Sneak Peek (2) "Still"

Castle - 5x22 - The Human Factor - Promotional Photos

Castle 5x21 Sneak Peek 3 "The Squab and The Quail" Even Lanie Is Excited F

Castle 5x22 Promo "The Squab and the Quail" (HD) Other Guy Kissing Becket

Castle 5x20 Promo "The Fast And The Furriest" (HD)

Castle 5x19 Promo "The Lives of Others" (HD) 100th Episode

OTRC - Castle cast celebrates 100th episode

Castle revealed Episode 5x19 - 100th Promotional Photos HD v2 New

Castle - 5x17 'Scared To Death' Caskett End Scene

Castle 5x18 Promo "The Wild Rover" (HD)

Castle 5x18 " The Wild Rover" Promotional Photos

Castle - 5x17 - Scared to Death - Promo Full "HD"

Castle - 5x16 'Hunt' Reunion Caskett Hug and Kiss End scene HD

Castle 5x15 Sneak Peek #3 "Target"

Castle 5x15 Sneak Peek #4 "Target" (HD)

Castle - 5x14 - Reality Star Struck - Promo "HD"

Castle 5x14 Promo - "Reality Star Struck"

Castle & Beckett - Wanted

Castle 5x13 Promo "Recoil" (HD)

Beckett "Flirting & Teasing Castle Moments"

Castle and Beckett - The Kisses

Castle and Beckett - Give your heart a break ♥

Best of Beckett "Jealous over Castle Moments"

Castle & Beckett \\ Please Take My Hand


Castle and Beckett - Anytime ("Probable Cause" Tribute)

Castle & Beckett - Of everything they've been through (HD)

Castle & Beckett's Flirty Banter (Part 2)

Castle & Beckett's Flirty Banter (Part 1)

Castle & Beckett - The Beginning

Castle Beckett Kiss 4x23 Always

Castle 5x12 Promo 1 "Death Gone Crazy" [HD]

Castle 5x12 Promotional Photos | Death Gone Crazy | [HD]

Castle 5x11 "Under The Influence" Promo (1)

Castle and Beckett - Radioactive

Castle 5x10 "Significant Others" Promotional Photos (1)

Castle 5x09 "Secret Santa" No Kiss Under The Mistletoe (HD/CC/L↔L)

Castle 5x09 "Secret Santa" End Scene- Caskett Christmas Kiss (HD/CC/L↔L)

Castle 5x09 End Scene Castle and Beckett Christmas Kiss ''Secret Santa''(HD)

Castle 5x09 Promo "Secret Santa" [HD]

Castle 5x09 "Secret Santa" Sneak peeks 1, 2, 3

Castle 5x08 Kiss scene and Hug/End Scene!

Castle 5x08- Castle and Beckett moment - KISS scene

Castle 5x07 "Swan Song" Promo

Castle 5x04 Castle & Beckett Can't Wait To Be Alone - Murder, He Wrote (HD)

Castle 5x05 "Probable Cause" Sneak Peek (1)

castle&beckett | "that's not the owning i mean"

Castle 5x06 "The Final Frontier" Promotional Photos (1)

Castle 5x04 "Caskett"

Castle 5x04 Ryan knows about Castle and Beckett (Caskett)

Castle -5x04 - "Murder he Wrote" - Caskett bedroom

Caste 5x04 Hamptons Heat - Caskett Bed Scene ( End Scene ) - Murder, He Wrote (HD)

Castle 5x04 Castle and Beckett Have To Help The Murder Case Scene(HD)

Castle 5x04 Beckett & Castle's Theory Buliding at the Hamptons - Murder, He Wrote (HD)

Castle 5x04 Beckett Mistaken For a Hooker - Murder, He Wrote (HD)

Castle 5x04 Castle and Beckett at The Precinct Scene(HD)

Castle 5x04 Beckett's Personal Life Is Private - Murder, He Wrote HD

Castle 5x04 Castle and Beckett Have Wine Scene(HD)

Castle 5x04 "Murder, He Wrote" Sneak Peek 1, 2, 3, 4

Castle & Beckett Hamptons Bed Scenes (Brightened) - Murder, He Wrote (HD)

Castle 5x05 Promo - | "Probable Cause" | - [HD]

Castle 5x05 "Probable Cause" Promotional Photos (1)

Castle 5x04 "Murder, He Wrote" Exclusive Sneak Peek (1) Castle & Beckett

Jealous Beckett // Girlfriend {Castle & Beckett}

Castle 5x04 Canadian Promo #2 : "Murder, He Wrote" [HD]

Castle 5x04 Promo | "Murder, He Wrote" | [HD]

Castle 5x04 Promo "Murder, He Wrote" (HD)

Caskett [5x01] // Stay {for ♥ Nina ♥}

Castle - 5x03 - Sneak Peek #3 | "Secret's Safe With Me" [HD]

Castle 5x03 Sneak Peek 1 - "Secret's Safe with Me" [HD]

Castle 5x02 Sneak Peek #1 | "Cloudy With A Chance of Murder" [HD]

Castle 5x03 Promo "Secret's Safe with Me" [HD]

Castle 5x02 Promo "Cloudy With A Chance of Murder" (HD)

Castle & Beckett Best Scenes 5X01 After The Storm HD

Castle 5x01 After the Storm

Castle 5x01 After the Storm Sneak Peek #4 The Morning After

Caskett - Somebody i used to know

Castle Season 5 Promo & Promotional Pics

Castle Season 5 Promo

Castle "Always" Deleted Scene: Sound Like An Alcoholic

Castle season 5 | No one is safe

Castle║ After the Storm [season 5]

Castle Season 5 Promo #1 (HD)

Castle Season 5 Promo | "They Finally Crossed the Line" (HD)

Caskett - The Morning After

I Just Want You [Castle+Beckett]

Castle & Beckett - I hope they make it