An hour later.
Cas was back home, washing Daphne’s bloody sheets in the sink when the door opened and Zoey and Alexia came in.
“The hospital called” Zoey said, before Cas could greet her.
“Is there something wrong with Daphne?” Cas asked concerned.
“No, they said she calmed down a little” Zoey reassured Cas. She paused for a minute. “I want to try and talk some sense into Daphne. She has to realize she needs help and that we can’t give it to her. The only problem is that I need someone to watch Alex while I’m there. Gerard’s gone working, but I called Shannen and she said she could be here in thirty minutes” she explained.
“I’ll watch her until your babysit is here” Cas said.
“Really? Are you sure?” Zoey asked to be certain.
“Yes, you can go back to the hospital” Cas said. “I will come too when your babysit arrives”
For a moment Zoey didn’t know what to say. “You know what?” she eventually said. “Daphne doesn’t deserve you”