Janice was wondering around in the clinic. She had walked up to Daphne’s room several times, but each time she was almost there she stopped suddenly and turned around again.
She walked to Daphne’s room again. She gathered all her courage and put down the latch. She peaked inside and saw Daphne was sleeping. She tiptoed into the room and sank down in the comfy seat next to the bed. She picked up the newspaper lying on the pedestal cupboard and read the headlines. She held her head diagonally and pricked with her finger at a picture of a man.
“Bad man. Very, very bad man” she said with big eyes.
Daphne woke up and looked up. “You again? Get the hell out of here!”
Janice widened her eyes even more, though that was hardly possible, and pointed at the picture of the man. “Bad man! Dead! Janice go home now”
“Yeah, that’s great, whatever. Leave me alone” Daphne said irritated.
Janice put the paper in Daphne’s hands and shuffled the room out. Daphne looked at the paper and her eyes bulged as well.
The headline read: “Inspector Paul Morgan murdered during hearing. Prime suspect: Meg Masters”