Daphne was still tied up in her seat, while ‘Castiel’ was watching television.
“Exactly where did sweet Emmanuel go?” he asked, keeping his eyes on the screen.
“I don’t know” Daphne answered scared. “Look, if you don’t let me go, I’ll start screaming and then my neighbors will come”
“Then I’ll just kill them” ‘Castiel’ shrugged. “Talking about neighbors…You know Meg, the slut who lived across your house? My boss has been looking for her too”
“What?” Daphne asked breathless.
“You didn’t really think it was a coincidence she moved in there, right after you found Emmanuel, did you?” he said. “Meg knows a lot more about Emmanuel and who he really is than you can imagine”
Someone knocked and ‘Castiel’ looked frowning at Daphne. “Emmanuel has a key, right?”
Daphne nodded. ‘Castiel’ walked towards her and tied the towel around her cheeks again. “Now you be very quiet” he said and he walked to the front door.
Cas arrived at his house. He saw a young man fighting with another man. The young man pushed the other man off the stairs and Cas looked down. The man was dead. He looked up again.
“What was that?”