Dean knocked on the door of Meg’s motel room. It hadn’t been that hard to figure out where she was staying for the time being. He figured if anyone knew where Cas was it would be Meg. He knocked again, harder.
“Give me five minutes” Meg yelled.
Dean frowned. What the hell was doing in there? Then he heard her scream and got the picture. “Eww” he mumbled. He looked impatiently at his watch.
Meg got off Cas and wrapped the sheets around her body, leaving Cas uncovered on the bed. She walked to the door and opened it.
“Hello, Dean” she said with a satisfied smile.
“I won’t be long. I just wondered if you knew where I can find Cas. I, eh, I need to talk to him” Dean said.
Meg’s smile got bigger and she step aside, so Dean could see Cas lying on the bed.
“What did you do to him?” Dean asked, grabbing Meg’s throat. Cas rushed out of bed and pulled Dean away from her.
“Do not touch her, Dean” he ordered threatening.
“Yeah, Dean, don’t touch me” Meg said. She walked in front of Cas, covering his naked parts. Only she was allowed to see them.
Dean took a deep breath to calm himself down. “I came here to tell you I’m sorry about yesterday. I know what happened and I went too far. I’m sorry”
“Apology accepted” Cas said.
“Put your clothes on” Dean said. “You’re coming with me”
“Why?” Cas wanted to know.
“Because you’re part of the team” Dean said obvious.
“I am?” Cas asked flattered. “Then I should come. It’s just that I don’t have any clothes. Meg ruined them”
Dean looked at Meg, who shrugged. “I was in a hurry” she said.
“Stay here” Dean said. “I’ll be right back”