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Castiel Fan fiction Article

What Happened in Colorado chapter 22 part 7 (FINALE)

Fan fiction by HaleyDewit posted over a year ago
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Sam was waiting in line in a local snack bar. While he was waiting he watched the news, airing on a flat screen television, hanging on the ceiling.
“The thirty-five year old Zoey Allen has escaped the local hospital of Castle Rock, Colorado. Allen was brought into the hospital after she got stuck in a fire. Allen is extremely dangerous and wanted for several murders. She might be armed”
The news reader gave a number people could call if they had any kind of information.
Sam walked out of the snack bar and conjured his phone. He quickly dialed Dean’s number.
“Dean, Zoey escaped” Sam said fast.
“What? I thought she was dead” Dean said disbelieving.
“Apparently not” Sam said. “Lock your door. Don’t let anyone in”
“I wasn’t going to” Dean said and Sam heard him lock the door.

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