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I just want you - castle 4/23 always (Robert Duncan cover)

❖ katherine beckett || the greatest alive

Castle Season 8 Bloopers

Sky's Still Blue :: Castle Tribute

Castle 8x22 Promo "Crossfire" (HD) Season Finale

Mʏ Mᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ; Kᴀᴛᴇ Bᴇᴄᴋᴇᴛᴛ // ʜᴏᴛ

Castle 8x14 Sneak Peek #2 "The G.D.S." (HD)

Castle 8x14 Promo "The G.D.S." (HD)

CASTLE - 7X11 "He got you to marry him, didn't he?"

Best of Castle // "Sad & Emotional Moments"

Best of Castle Season 6 "Laugh out Loud Moments"

Castle 8x12 Alexis and Hayley Talk & Scenes “The Blame Game” Season 8 Episode 12

Castle 8x12 Beckett & Rick Reunited & Hug “The Blame Game” Season 8 Episode 12

Castle 8x12 Caskett Rescued & Castle Alexis Hug “The Blame Game” Season 8 Episode 12

Castle 8x12 Rick & Beckett Figure Out Who The Bad Guy & Fight Him “The Blame Game”

Castle 8x11 Beckett Will Make Castle Happy if He Keeps Russian Officer Happy “Dead Red”

Castle 8x10 End Scene Castle & Beckett Kiss Celebrate “Witness For The Prosecution”

Castle 8x07 Beckett Tells Castle He's Good Looking Too “The Last Seduction”

Castle 8x07 - Castle's Anniversary Surprise for Beckett “The Last Seduction” Season 8 Episode 7

Castle 8x09 Beckett & Castle Secret Dating (brightened & longer) "Tone Death” Season 8 Episode 9

Castle 8x09 End Scene Castle & Beckett Role Playing “Tone Death” Season 8 Episode 9

Castle 8x08 End Scene Rick & Beckett Talk Loft “Mr. & Mrs. Castle” Season 8 Episode 8

Castle 8x08 Rick Confronts Beckett “Mr. & Mrs. Castle”

Castle 8x08 Beckett Worried She Nuked Her Marriage & The Phone Talk #2 “Mr. & Mrs. Castle”

Castle 8x07 Beckett Thinks Castle Might Really Divorce Her “The Last Seduction”

Castle 8x08 Sneak Peek #2 Season 8 Episode 8 Sneak Peek “Mr. & Mrs. Castle”

Castle 8x13 Sneak Peek #3 "And Justice For All" (HD)

Castle 8x13 Sneak Peek #2 "And Justice For All" (HD)

Castle 8x13 Sneak Peek "And Justice For All" (HD)

The Rickies are near! - Castle

Castle [xy xx] Runaway while you can

Castle 8x07 Sneak Peek "The Last Seduction" (HD)

Castle 8x06 Sneak Peek #2 "Cool Boys" (HD)

Castle 8x06 Sneak Peek "Cool Boys" (HD)

Castle 8x06 Promo "Cool Boys" (HD) ft. Adam Baldwin

Castle 8x05 Sneak Peek #2 "The Nose" (HD)

Castle 8x05 Sneak Peek "The Nose" (HD)

Castle 8x05 Promo "The Nose" (HD)

Castle 8x04 Sneak Peek "What Lies Beneath" (HD)

Castle 8x04 Promo "What Lies Beneath" (HD)

Castle 8x03 Sneak Peek "PhDead" (HD)

Castle 8x03 Promo "PhDead" (HD)

Castle 8x02 Promo "XX" (HD)

Castle Premieres Monday 10|9c on ABC

Castle 8x01 Sneak Peek #3 "XY"

Castle 8x01 Sneak Peek #2 "XY"

Castle 8x01 Sneak Peek "XY" (HD)

Castle Season 8 Promo “Castle Is Back” (HD)

Kate Beckett | Warrior

Kate Beckett | I'm only Human

Castle Collab || Hall Of Fame

► Katherine Beckett (Castle) || Fight Song

{Castle} Ryan & Esposito // Rockstar

Kate Beckett & Javier Esposito | Armor

Kate Beckett & Javier Esposito | Lighthouse Shine

Kate Beckett & Javier Esposito | Surrender.

Castle 7x22 Promo "Dead From New York" (HD)

Castle 7x21 Promo "In Plane Sight" (HD)

Castle 7x18 Promo "At Close Range" (HD)

Castle | Rule The World

Castle & Beckett | I Wanna Grow Old With You | Caskett♥

Castle 7x17 Promo "Hong Kong Hustle" (HD)

Castle 7x16 Promo "The Wrong Stuff" (HD)

Castle 7x15 Promo "Reckoning" (HD)

Castle & Beckett - All History - Wedding, Always and I Love You☜❤☞

Castle & Beckett || A Thousand Years ☜❤☞

Castle & Beckett "Thinking Out Loud" #♥Caskett ♥ ☜❤☞

Castle & Beckett || Crazy in love ☜❤☞

castle & beckett | all of the stars☜❤☞

Kate Beckett ( + Richard Castle ) || I'm only human☜❤☞

Castle 7x14 Sneak Peek "Resurrection"

Castle 7x14 Promo "Resurrection" (HD)

Castle 7x13 Promo "I, Witness" (HD)

Castle 7x12 Promo "Private Eye Caramba!" (HD)

··· Are you ready for Caskett ···

{Castle} Best of Beckett // a SASSY edition

Stana Katic //She Doesn't Mind

Castle 7x11 Promo (HD)

Castle 7x10 Promo "Bad Santa" (HD)

it's do or die || « castle »

Castle & Castle //Caskett At Last {7x06 Time Of Our Lives}

Kate Beckett & Javier Esposito | Don't let me go.

Kate Beckett & Javier Esposito | so done with wishing, you were still here..

Castle & Beckett | Time of our lives [7x06]

Castle - 7x07 - sneak peek #1

Castle 7x07 Promo "Once Upon A Time In The West"☜❤☞

Castle 7x06 Wedding Castle Beckett "Time of Our Lives" Caskett Wedding Dance Vows ☜❤☞

Castle 7x05 Sneak Peek # 2 "Meme is Murder" (HQ) |2| The Game is On ☜❤☞

Castle 7x05 "Meme is Murder" Castle Beckett Sent Home by Capt Gates ☜❤☞

Castle 7x04 Sneak Peek #2 "Child's Play" Season 7 Episode 4 ☜❤☞

CastleSeason 7x1 "Driven" Sneak Peeks (1-3) ☜❤☞

Castle 7x01 Ending Scene Castle/Beckett 'I'm so sorry for what i put you through' ☜❤☞

Castle 7x06 Promo Time Of Our Lives/The Wedding Castle 7x07 Promo

Castle Sneak Peek New season 7

Castle Video: Stay With Me - Classic Song - Castle & Beckett Castle

Castle 7x04 Promo: Child's Play

Castle Home Now / You're Where I Belong

Castle and Beckett and The Number One Love Song

Castle & Beckett Moment season 6 ep 23 ☜❤☞ °♔—♔°❤

Castle & Beckett Moment seson 6 ep 21 ☜❤☞ °♔—♔°❤