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Castle 8x04 Promo "What Lies Beneath" (HD)

Castle 8x03 Sneak Peek "PhDead" (HD)

Castle 8x03 Promo "PhDead" (HD)

Castle 8x02 Promo "XX" (HD)

Castle Premieres Monday 10|9c on ABC

Castle 8x01 Sneak Peek #3 "XY"

Castle 8x01 Sneak Peek #2 "XY"

Castle 8x01 Sneak Peek "XY" (HD)

Castle Season 8 Promo “Castle Is Back” (HD)

Kate Beckett | Warrior

Kate Beckett | I'm only Human

Castle Collab || Hall Of Fame

► Katherine Beckett (Castle) || Fight Song

{Castle} Ryan & Esposito // Rockstar

Kate Beckett & Javier Esposito | Armor

Kate Beckett & Javier Esposito | Lighthouse Shine

Kate Beckett & Javier Esposito | Surrender.

Castle 7x22 Promo "Dead From New York" (HD)

Castle 7x21 Promo "In Plane Sight" (HD)

Castle 7x18 Promo "At Close Range" (HD)

Castle | Rule The World

Castle & Beckett | I Wanna Grow Old With You | Caskett♥

Castle 7x17 Promo "Hong Kong Hustle" (HD)

Castle 7x16 Promo "The Wrong Stuff" (HD)

Castle 7x15 Promo "Reckoning" (HD)

Castle & Beckett - All History - Wedding, Always and I Love You☜❤☞

Castle & Beckett || A Thousand Years ☜❤☞

Castle & Beckett "Thinking Out Loud" #♥Caskett ♥ ☜❤☞

Castle & Beckett || Crazy in love ☜❤☞

castle & beckett | all of the stars☜❤☞

Kate Beckett ( + Richard Castle ) || I'm only human☜❤☞

Castle 7x14 Sneak Peek "Resurrection"

Castle 7x14 Promo "Resurrection" (HD)

Castle 7x13 Promo "I, Witness" (HD)

Castle 7x12 Promo "Private Eye Caramba!" (HD)

··· Are you ready for Caskett ···

{Castle} Best of Beckett // a SASSY edition

Stana Katic //She Doesn't Mind

Castle 7x11 Promo (HD)

Castle 7x10 Promo "Bad Santa" (HD)

it's do or die || « castle »

Castle & Castle //Caskett At Last {7x06 Time Of Our Lives}

Kate Beckett & Javier Esposito | Don't let me go.

Kate Beckett & Javier Esposito | so done with wishing, you were still here..

Castle & Beckett | Time of our lives [7x06]

Castle - 7x07 - sneak peek #1

Castle 7x07 Promo "Once Upon A Time In The West"☜❤☞

Castle 7x06 Wedding Castle Beckett "Time of Our Lives" Caskett Wedding Dance Vows ☜❤☞

Castle 7x05 Sneak Peek # 2 "Meme is Murder" (HQ) |2| The Game is On ☜❤☞

Castle 7x05 "Meme is Murder" Castle Beckett Sent Home by Capt Gates ☜❤☞