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I Just Want You [Castle+Beckett]

Castle and Beckett- somewhere only we know

".. jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster!" | k. beckett (BFV)

Castle & Beckett || "Fact-Fiction"

Castle & Beckett \\ Always

Castle and Beckett 4x24

Ultimatum {CASTLE trailer}

You know those moments in Castle that make you go "NOOOOOOOOO!"..?

Castle & Beckett - The Beginning

PSA: On Bikes

Castle Season 5 Promo | "They Finally Crossed the Line" [HD]

If You Love Me | Castle&Beckett

Castle [AU] ~ Shattered

Castle & Beckett - Where Do I Even Start

Castle Season 5 Teaser #1

● Castle & Beckett | Anymore | Always (4x23)

Castle - Season 5 - Set Photos (1)

Castle | Lifeboats (full)

Castle/Beckett |Time is over|

Castle & Beckett + Rizzoli & Isles / You're All I Want

Comic Con 2012: Molly Quinn Talks Caskett, New Potential Forbidden Romance For Alexis (VIDEO)

Castle & Beckett ♥ I Won't Give Up On Us

castle/beckett ; just kiss me slowly

ABC "Castle" Special Promo

Castle/Beckett - Sunset

Castle and Beckett - Candy

Multifandom - I'm on the edge

Stana Katic - Old Interview

Is Richard Castle in the CIA?

Behind the Scenes of ABC’s Castle

Castle | Kate Beckett - Never Surrender

Castle Music Video : Let Me Be The One

life is beautiful. // (Clark&Lois; Beckett&Castle)

Castle 4x19 // Best Caskett Moments (47 Second's) Part 1 HD ITA

Castle & Beckett | It's Gonna Be Love

♡ CASKETT ♡ you're the one

Castle 4x19 // Best Caskett Moments (47 Second's) Part 2 HD ITA

Castle & Beckett: What Makes You Beautiful (Beckett)

Castle & Beckett - In My Veins

You Belong With Me :: Castle and Beckett

[Castle&Beckett] ∞ No One But You

Castle & Beckett | all the promises I made.

Castle & Beckett // Hints of Love


Celebrity Cameos - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 9

Nathan Fillion - Cocktails with Stan - Ep5

Jisbon&Caskett {Brighter than in the sun}

Castle and Beckett - For the First Time

Javier Esposito - Yo!

Castle || REVENGE (movie trailer)


breath of life⎮castle & beckett

Stana in The Spirit

Castle and Beckett - Drive me Insane

Castle + Beckett

Kate Beckett&Richard Castle | why you acting so shy..? [collab with tammy]

Behind the Scenes With Nathan Fillion at the 52nd Annual Monte Carlo TV Festival

on fire | castle & beckett

Castle Opening - Friends Style

Kate Beckett - Today my life begins │Bruno Mars │

Castle's Nathan Fillion Reveals His Favorite Reads

Castle and Beckett | Drive By

Castle and Beckett Realize

Castle Goes Hollywood

Castle & Beckett | I Just Want You {Always}

always find me here ⎮castle & beckett


Stana Katic on Castle practical jokes

Castle - Behind the Scenes with Alyssa Milano

Castle Behind The Scenes

Castle&Beckett "Hello" Jun 2012

Castle and Beckett - Wherever You Will Go

Somebody That I Used to Know - Castle and Beckett

Castle and Beckett - Safe

C+B "I'm the writer and she's the muse"

Castle & Beckett || "Gives You Hell" (Castle FUNvid vol. I)


Castle&Beckett LOOK OF LOVE Part Five

Castle 4x23 First Real Kiss (before & after) - Always (HQ)

cαѕтℓє+вєcкєтт | ❝ I feel.❞ (ALWAYS Scenes 4x23)

Castle&Beckett LOOK OF LOVE Part four

Castle&Beckett LOOK OF LOVE Part three

Kate Beckett&Rick Castle | i know you're here with me..

Castle&Beckett Look of Love Part two

Castle & Beckett || "Enjoy The Silence"

Everything- Castle & Beckett

Castle&Beckett Look of Love Part One

Wonderwall || B&B/Caskett

ghost of the girl; kate beckett {castle}

Castle & Beckett || I Need You Now

Castle&Beckett "Who Wants To Live Forever" May 2012

Multifemales ~ She Can Get It

Castle & Beckett // I Just Want You

The Cast of Castle Before They Were Famous!

Castle&Beckett ~ I Will Love You, Always [MEP]

Castle&Beckett "Ne me quitte pas"

Castle 4x23 First Real Kiss in Slow Motion Brighter whole scene - Always - HD


Castle ~ Bring Me To Life

Castle & Beckett | little by little, inch by inch.