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Castle & Beckett \\ In Your Arms

Kate Beckett+Kevin Ryan; "you should never fight your feelings... (AU)

and our time is running out. [CASTLE]

Castle | Does this Darkness Have a Name?

Katherine Beckett | "i'm not afraid, they can read all about it.." (KILL SHOT)

Kate Beckett - Castle || "Holding On and Letting Go"

{Castle} Who are your enemies?

Detective Javier Esposito

Javier Esposito - Yo!

Beckett, Ryan, & Esposito: I Will Stand By You

Ryan & Esposito Bromance

Detective Ryan and Esposito

Ryan and Esposito

Castle - You've Got A Friend In Me (Beckett, Esposito, Ryan)

Kevin Ryan. | Castle. 4x04

Castle Opening [Season 2]

Beckett-I'm only human

{Castle} Kate Beckett - Everybody Loves Me [Season 3]

Castle cast and crew Thank You

Kate Beckett || "Stand Through the Pain, You won't drown."

"I'm broken down the middle...| Kate Beckett

Kate Beckett "You could never understand the demons that I face"

Castle&Beckett | soldier

Kate Beckett+Richard Castle | "give a little love, when love come back.." (CUFFED)

Confessions of Kate Beckett

Castle - Cuffed ending song

Kate Beckett - I Need a Doctor

Smiles // Castle Cast

[Why I Smile]- Castle Cast

Castle/Beckett - Tick,tick,tick...Boom!/Cops & Robbers

castle - good life

;Castle;... Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep..;

Castle 4x10 // You Can Fantasize Later, Shut Up And Pull // Cuffed

{Castle} I'll Be Watching...

Castle || 4x10 Cuffed Castle opens the chest

[Castle] This is War - Intro & First Part

"i'm tired of feeling so numb.."

Castle 4x10 "Cuffed" Sneak Peek (4) Castle & Beckett

Castle "Cuffed" CTV mini clip NEW!

[Castle] Kate Beckett - "Tell me these words aren't mine..." AU

Castle - 4x10 - Cuffed - US Promo Extended

Love is my Drug - Castle Cast

Castle Cast | | Marching on

Who we are || [Castle] The Team

Castle Cast "Let It Burn"

{Closure} an original Castle trailer.

Castle 4x10 "Cuffed" NEW EXTENDED Promo (4)

Castle 4x10 "Cuffed" EXTENDED Promo (3) CTV HD

[Castle] || Back Cover

Nathan Fillion on Conan - 11/29/11

Castle 4x10 "Cuffed" Promo (1) CTV

Castle 4x10 "Cuffed" Sneak Peek (3)

Castle 4x10 "Cuffed" Sneak Peek (2)

Castle 4x10 "Cuffed" Sneak Peek (1) Castle & Beckett

CASTLE's Stana Katic previews 'Cuffed'

Castle - 4x10 - Cuffed - CTV Promo

Castle - 4x10 Cuffed (Promo) [Canadian]

I never knew daylight could be so violent (Castle/Beckett)

[Castle] Kate Beckett / / Kill Shot (4x09)

Castle - 3x24

Beckett/Castle - City of Hope

castle/beckett | three little words

Castle & Beckett - Goddamn dance!

Castle and Beckett | Should I let you take a shot?

I need to be ok || katherine beckett

Castle - Kate Beckett - Echo

Beckett | Damaged Goods

"I think i might've inhaled you..." [Castle&Beckett]

Kate Beckett // What if i wanted to break... [Kill Shot]

Castle/Beckett - Come On In

Kate Beckett | I'm breaking down (Kill Shot)

Kate Beckett - Echo (Kill Shot Tribute)

Stana Katic+Nathan Fillion;"i've got a crush on you.."

Stana Katic talking about Kill Shot episode & R .Castle (1)

Castle & Beckett - When angels deserve to die... [for BlurOfYellow]

♣ Kate Beckett ♣ Remember the name

Castle 4x09 - I'm ready

Stana Katic on Extra Nov 21, 2011 (HD)

Castle - 4x09 - Kill Shot - Ending Scene

Castle - 4x09 - Kill Shot - Beckett and Esposito moment

Castle - 4x09 - Kill Shot - Sneak Peek 6

Nathan Fillion on Good Morning America

Stana Katic - Castle and "Kill Shot" Radio interview

CASTLE: Stana Katic previews 'Kill Shot'

Castle 4x09 "Kill Shot" NEW Sneak Peek (6) Castle & Beckett

CASTLE: Stana Katic teases an upcoming '40s flashback episode.

Castle 4x09 "Kill Shot" EXTENDED Promo (2) CTV

Castle and Beckett - My Life Would Suck Without You

Castle kill shot promo pics

Castle&Beckett// To knock them down...

castle & beckett // echo

Castle & Beckett ● Scream til the words dry out. { Rise }

Castle & Beckett - Goddamn dance! [collab with Half0utLoud]

Castle 4x10 "Cuffed" NEW Promotional Photos (2)

Castle 4x09 "Kill Shot" Sneak Peek (5)

Castle 4x09 "Kill Shot" Sneak Peek (4)

Castle 4x10 "Cuffed" Promotional Photos (1)

Stana Katic on The Talk - Nov 17, 2011 (HD)

Castle - Kill Shot Sneak Peek (3)

Castle - Kill Shot Sneak Peek (2)