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Whirlwind || A Castle Trailer.

Kate Beckett | I'm coming home to breathe again

Castle 4x07 "Cops & Robbers" Sneak Peek (5)

Castle 4x07 "Cops & Robbers" Sneak Peek (4)

Castle 4x07 "Cops & Robbers" Sneak Peek (3)

Castle 4x07 "Cops & Robbers" Sneak Peek (2)

Castle -4x04 Change the World

Castle and Beckett - All we need is love

Castl - Walking on sunshine

Castle and Beckett ( Happy CastleWeen )

Castle & Beckett - "Something always brings me back to you"

Castle and Beckett - If today was your last

The Rabbit Hole - Trailer HD [SYTYCV]

castle & beckett | you make my heart beat.. faster, faster!

Kate Beckett | "it's so empty living behind these castle walls..

I Will Always Love You CASTLE/BECKETT

ignite your bones ♦ caskett

Castle 4x06 - Best Castle & Beckett Moments

Hostages Sneak Peek - Castle [4x07]

Kate Beckett "I still cry, sometimes, when I remember you"

Castle 4x06 // His Ghost Helped Solve His Own Murder // Demons

Castle 4x06 Demons - Grab my legs!

Castle/Beckett - We found love

{Castle} It's Like A Fever

Castle -- 4x06 -- Demons -- I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts

Castle -- 4x06 -- Demons -- Coffee/That's a Look!

Castle -- 4x06 -- Demons -- Secret Passage/Double Date

Castle 4x07 "Cops & Robbers" EXTENDED Promo (2) CTV

Castle 4x07 - "Cops & Robbers" Promo (HD

Dancing.with.the.Stars.S08E14. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic

Dancing.With.the.Stars..S08E02. Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion

[Castle] Creative Emmy Awards [Stana Katic & Andrew W. Marlowe]

Lady Antebellum wins Country Band Duo at the American Music Awards

Stana Katic on KTLA December 2, 2010

[Castle] Castle&Beckett // I like y o u r Smile xD

Castle & Beckett || {I Would Wait A Lifetime}

XXXVIII. Castle´s Nathan & Stana ♥ (Ain´t No Mountain High Enough..)

Kate Becket || For Another Summer

Kate Beckett+Richard Castle;" here i stand alone.."

***Castle & Beckett " Painted on my heart "******

Batman: Arkham City - Stana Katic voice

Stana Katic takes a drive in Arcimoto's Generation 5 prototype

Alternative Travel Project -Stana Katic

Alternative Travel Project (4 parts)

cαsтℓє+вєcкєтт :: mhh, that it's all for the best?

Castle 4x06 "Demons" Sneak Peek (3) Castle & Beckett

Fix You - Castle

Castle 4x06 "Demons" Sneak Peek (2)

Castle 4x06 "Demons" Sneak Peek (1)

Let's be friends so we can make out... Castle is back [3x01]

Castle is a Believer {Caskett, Castle/Beckett}

Castle - Season 4 - Set Photos (10)

[Castle] Kevin Ryan ▪ Fight Inside ▪

Castle & Beckett - Pretending

castle/beckett: she knows what she's doing to me.

Castle & Beckett | Iris | All I Can Breathe Is Your Life

wait for me. // (Beckett&Castle) [season 4]

Castle 4x05 Best Castle & Beckett Moments

Castle - Demons promo

castle & beckett | on my way

Castle -- 4x05 -- Eye of the Beholder -- I Was Only Doing What You Asked!

{Castle} Right Beside You

Castle 4x06 "Demons" EXTENDED Promo (2) CTV

Castle 4x06 "Demons" Promo (1) HD

Castle 4x05 // Beckett's Death Stare // Eye Of The Beholder

Castle Beckett 4x05 "He's supposed to be my partner"

Shelter // Castle & Beckett

Castle & Beckett || When It All Falls Down

Castle 4x05 // Beckett Pissed // Eye Of The Beholder

Castle 4x06 - "Demons" Promo (HD)

Caskett - I Wish

Castle;Beckett - This is Life WITHOUT YOU!

Why do you keep coming back? // Castle | Beckett

Castle&Beckett - 'I lied'

Castle and Beckett Always

Castle & Beckett "Battlefield"

Castle & Beckett "Welcome To My Life"

Castle & Beckett- She will be loved

\\ ▪ AnagraM ▪ // 3xK Movie Trailer [Castle]

Castle & Beckett - Another chance for us.... [for Half0utLoud]

Castle & Beckett // Help The People

Hurricane [Castle&Beckett / Jane&Lisbon]

Castle & Beckett - Pieces - 4x01

Breathe In, Breathe Out: Castle & Beckett

Castle 4x07 "Cops & Robbers" Promotional Photos (1)

Castle 4x05 "Eye of the Beholder" Sneak Peek (4)

Castle 4x05 "Eye of the Beholder" Sneak Peek (3)

Castle 4x05 "Eye of the Beholder" Sneak Peek (2)

Castle 4x05 "Eye of the Beholder" Sneak Peek (1)

Castle and Beckett - Gravity

Castle & Beckett Save me

Castle & Beckett - How long till we call this love?? [for my 220+ subscribers]

Castle and Beckett-Next to you

Castle 4x05 "Eye of the Beholder" NEW EXTENDED Promo (3)

Castle 04x04 Real Cop

♣ Castle - Heart of Courage ♣

Castle & Beckett || Illuminated

~~~Castle & Beckett "Love you like a LoveSong" Caskett~~~

Esposito the Fresh Prince

Rick & Kate - Castle TV Show - Into The Dark