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Castle and Beckett - She's Got Moves

Castle and Beckett - Arms

Castle and Beckett - Drive My Soul

CASTLE-Woman of Dreams

Castle | Every Breath

{Castle} Paper Planes

Castle - Caskett Tribute

Castle & Beckett - I Won't Let Go (Rascal Flatts)

Castle+Beckett- Enchanted {For Jana}

Castle & Beckett - Smile

you will rise. // (Beckett&Castle) [season 3]

Castle & Beckett. 'something is happening..'

Castle and Beckett- I'm coming home

Castle/Beckett - Inevitable

Castle / Beckett - Just a Dream

Castle & Beckett - Only Girl (In The World)

Castle & Beckett - Just Tonight

Castle & Beckett - Where We Belong

Castle and Beckett-All This Time

Kate Beckett-Bulletproof

Never Shout Never!- i LoVe YoU 5 {Castle & Beckett}

[Castle ABC] Love Who You Love

Castle and Beckett~Take A Chance

HeatWave - Castle and Beckett

Castle and eckett "The End"

Take Me Out!!! {Castle & Beckett}

Castle and Beckett~Somebody's Baby

I Know You Want Me (Castle and Beckett)

Castle & Beckett - Love You Madly

Castle | Rise Trailer | Season 4 Promo. [Fanmade]

{Beckett} I Won't Let Go

I know your love is all around || castle&beckett

Castle & Beckett || Stay

Poison and Wine

[Castle] "I've become so numb"

ABC's Castle & Beckett Moments - What If


All The Songs Make Sense - Just Breathe

Castle and Beckett - Beep

Castle - And Then We Kiss

Castle and Beckett//The Sweet, the fun, and the funny


Castle Promo Season 4 (Fanmade)

All this time - Beckett and Castle

XXXIV. Castle & Beckett = Caskett ♥ (Wouldn´t It Be Nice...)

Castle and Beckett Never Say Never

Kate Beckett - Something you wanna forget about

Castle & Beckett "You've got a way with me"

[CASTLE] Salvation (Knockout Tribute)

Give Me a Hero and I'll Give You a Tragedy [UVC]

{Castle} Bluetrace

One Shot

Castle & Beckett || Hot Mess.

Castle & Beckett • ...he's the air I would kill to breathe... • (3x24)

XXXIII. Castle & Beckett = Caskett ♥ (Hero...)

free like you make me. // (Beckett&Castle)

[Castle ]" Richard Castle believes in you and I believe in him"

Alexis and Rick {CASTLE} [fireflies]

Castle & Beckett....I can't get you off my mind

Castle Team - Empire State of Mind

let me in or let me out (Castle and Beckett)

I Do - Rick Castle and Kate Beckett

Castle & Beckett - Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)

Castle & Beckett - What Hurts the Most

Castle and Beckett - Overboard

Rick Castle - I Wish I Was James Bond

Hallelujah Captain Montgomery

castle/beckett || not yet

Castle & Beckett - Smile

Castle [Rise trailer]

Castle Best Moments season 3 (Part III)

Castle Best Moments season 3 (Part II)

Castle Best Moments season 3 (Part I)

{Castle} Sideways

RISE [Castle Season 4 Trailer]

Kate●Beckett She's coming home

[Castle & Beckett] "Always love , even when you want to fight "

{C & B } You Always Make Me Smile

Castle and Beckett - Francis

Castle & Beckett-Home

Castle & Beckett - Teenage Dream

Castle & Beckett - These Hungry Eyes

[Fringe//NCIS//BONES//Castle] ...Collab // "...With No Gravity To Hold Me Down,"

| Castle & Beckett | It gets harder everyday

Castle & Beckett // It's not over [3x24 Tribute]

Kate Beckett - I Am Who I Am

Beckett & Castle - What you can't say

Castle & Beckett - Turning Tables

Castle & Beckett - A Sky Full Of Lighters [Castle]

CASTLE | Skinny Love

Castle & Beckett - Keep On Dancing

Castle "It's Not Goodbye"

Castle & Beckett - More Beckett Expressions - Season 3, Part 2

Castle: Beckett's Story

kate beckett \ fuckin' perfect.

Beckett's expressions, season 3, part 1

castle and beckett best moments

Castle and Beckett - White Blank Page

I'd come for you, no one but you... ;; Castle/Beckett

Castle Cast Before They Were Stars