Catching Fire Peeta at the end of catching fire!...contains spoilers!

kf123 posted on Sep 09, 2009 at 05:35PM
what does evryone think will happen with the peeta being taken by the capiol storyline??

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over a year ago topazruby said…
mabey he will get turned into an avox
over a year ago bigbookfan said…
i think gale and Katniss will try to get him back and Gale might die in the process maybe after both Katniss and Gale figure out that Katniss really does LOVE Peeta.
over a year ago sargo96 said…
I have no idea maybe peeta dies but I hope not
over a year ago kf123 said…
i like bigbookfan's idea!
maybe the capitol will keep him alive as bait for katniss!
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over a year ago AnnabethChase said…
i think bigbookfan is right, because I saw an interview with Suzanne Collins and she did say that some main characters would die.
over a year ago sargo96 said…
yeah bigbookfan has the most realistic response but i am team gale !
over a year ago dazzledpixie said…
I think either Peeta will escape on his own and try to find Katniss, or Katniss, Gale, and the rest of them will rescue him. I don't think Gale or Peeta will die, though.
maybe the main character that will die is Cinna :( I hope not, though; he's awesome!
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over a year ago callstories said…
I def think Peeta will be rescued or escape. There's no way Suzanne Collins would kill him off. He's too important to the story. And I love him!
over a year ago Rumiel said…
well.. let's not forget that many important characters have died in novels. Like Dumbledore in Harry Potter for example, I don't think anyone expected it..
What I like about the hunger games is that you never know what's going to happen, so no matter how many dices we roll, we still are not going to find a certain answer until the next book comes out.
over a year ago radigan2010 said…
everyone ended up dying in HP. that was sad.
and i'm pretty much sure that gale will die, but maybe i just say that cause i'm team peeta. i love gale too, don't get me wrong, but peeta and katniss are meant to be. =)
over a year ago peetakatnissluv said…
Ok Peeta better stay alive. I seriously LOVE him. I wanna marry him. If Suzzanne kills him I will hate her for life! i hope gale dies and that Katniss saves Peeta or he escapes. If she saves him she will relize she really loves him and if he escapes that Katniss will realize he is strong and wil then fall in love with him and either way it's a win-win. yay. Team Peeta!
over a year ago teamjacob said…
Well I think the most unexpected turn of events in HP was when we found out Dumbledore was gay but thats beside the point. = P I think Suzanne Collins is too soft (and I wince at the comparison) like Stephanie Meyer was with Twilight and The Host. None of the most important characters died. I think Suzanne will probably end up killing Haymitch and, sadly, I think its pretty safe to assume Cinna is dead, no matter how much we loved him. I honestly cant decide if I love Gale or Peeta better, or who would be better for Katniss. I think Im leaning more toward Gale, but I know guys like him so its a little unfair. All I can say is the next book is sure to be a great one because shes such a great writer and just sucks you into things so you cant crawl out, like a flea in an extremely appealing toilet bowl. I couldnt stop reading and finished it in two days (I just finished it!) while I was snowed in at my house, almost two feet of snow outside.
over a year ago mockingjay18 said…
big smile
yeah. hopefully the capitol will keep him alive. i know katniss likes gale but you can also see something there with peeta. hes innocent peeta who has been in love with katniss since he was 4. hes fighting for her love but she is reggecting him.but peeta still loves katniss no matter how much she likes gale. i hope collins keeps all the main characters alive. ps: team jacob it snowed 3 feet at my house!
over a year ago kaible said…
1 i think that Peeta cant get out of the mess alone, because, he seems a bit wimpy. And katniss can have Peeta if i can have gale!! I think one of the boys will die.
over a year ago xdilanx said…
Things are going to get really messy in the 3rd book. We cant even predict probably. But im pretty sure there will definitely be a war between districk 13 (teamed up with other districts) and the Capitol.

Peeta is their only chance of getting katniss, i dont think they would waste this opportunity by killing him because they do know that katniss will try and save peeta.
over a year ago happygirl206 said…
there ARE a lot of guesses ..
but the most reasonable one is that

Peeta wouldn't die... him and Katniss are like the main point of the story now
and if Katniss and Gale were left together.. the book would have a weird ending.
PEETA LIVES i love peeta<3
over a year ago Limegreenk27 said…
im really hope that peeta is fine....gale is so awesome but maybe katniss needs to relieze that peeta is her only love i hope he is ok i realy do (cries)
over a year ago Limegreenk27 said…
omg katniss (obviously) survived the arena again!! who never imagined that hmm no one so predictable yet so AWESOME
over a year ago mikmad8282 said…
some one said at the end katniss gets pregnant is that true?
hayley28 commented…
No it is not true stupid people just say that and read the back of the books! over a year ago
over a year ago oko2708 said…


this post is based on the book!!

catching fire:
Katniss is not pregnant thats just a lie to the captitol so she could use that as an excuse. In this book a few tributes die and cinna was killed but no iportant characters were killed.

It's true that a few characters will die but peeta, katniss, gale, buttercup and katniss their mum stay alive. Primm is killed by a bomb just before the end of the book. Also coin (president of district 13 dies) at the execution of president snow when katniss shoots coin instead of president snow (on purpose)
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