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Article by hinatarocks posted over a year ago
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On the first day of Christmas, the studio gave to meee....

A production grant from W.B.

Danny: "YAY! It's here!" *big happy smile*

Sawyer: "Oh, good."

Wade: *leans away from Danny* "That smile scares me."

On the second day of Christmas, the studio gave to meee....

Two Make-Up Artists

Sawyer: *poses in a beautiful gown*

T.W.: *Uncertainly poses in the same beautiful gown* "Something doesn't feel right. <=/"

On the third day of Christmas, the studio gave to meee....

Three Stage Hands

Stage-Hand 1: *talking to Stage-Hand 2* "Yea, she tried to make out like I beat 'er up and stuff, but they couldn't prove anything.."

Danny: *overhearing, leans toward Sawyer* "Where..did Wade say he found these Stage-Hand guys?"

On the fourth day of Christmas, the studio gave to meee....
Review by Genius_626 posted over a year ago
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ok, I know nobody comes here anymore, but I'm still up and running! I'm a huge fan of this movie and nobodiy's gonna tell me I can't keep this place alive!

Anyway, this is my opinion of Cats Don't Dance (Just for the articles sake cause I can't think of what to write):
This movie was released in 1998 and I LOVE the animation. having the songs done by Randy Newman is kind of a standard for kid movies like this, but hey, i can't complain. The story is wonderful and there are only two big flaws that I noticed. 1: The movie is set in 1939, so the HOLLYWOOD sign should still be HOLLYWOODLAND.
and 2: there are a few animation spurts that could've been fixed, but nothing's perfect, and this movie is pretty close in my book!

So if anybody's reading this, make a comment or something, because although I don't spend all my time on fanpop(or the internet for that matter because I have a life) I still know that I'm alone in this awesome club that I've easily just taken over.