Cats What is/are the name(s) of your cat(s) and why?

PkmnTrainerJ posted on Jun 15, 2007 at 06:02PM
I only have one cat now:

Sam(antha) - (♀) - Named by my younger brother after Sam from Big Brother UK 8 (the twin).

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over a year ago sparkles3 said…
caramel and sweetie, caramel has spots that fit her name really well, sweetie is the sweetest little Halloween kitty i ever seen1
over a year ago prim17luvr101 said…
I have 6 cats. Yes, SIX. Three, George, Georgie for short (boy), Susanna, Suzy or Suzy-Q for short (girl), and Ginny Weasley, Ginny or Gin-Gin for short (girl) are from the same litter. We got them from a friend. These were the names their previous owners gave them and they suit them very well so we kept them.
Our 4th cat is a stray my dad saved from the street. He was 3 pounds and approximately 6 months when we got him. He was deathly skinny. I named him Mittens, Mitty for short (boy), for it looked like he had little white mittens on his feet. The name stuck.
Our last 2 cats are sisters who we saved from our local Humane Society. It's surprising how they're sisters since they're really different look-wise and personality-wise. Amelia, Amy for short (girl) is a beautiful brown and gray mackarel tabby mix and is very timid. Her sister Tinkerbell, Tinky, Twinkerbell, Twinky, or Tink for short (girl) has mesmerizing black and gray swirled fur and is very brave and friendly. She's also very talkative. I picked Amelia's name because I had recently read a book where the main characters name was Amelia and I grew attached to that name. I picked Tinkerbell's name because her eyes were green around the pupil and a golden-brown around that, reminding me of the forest which somehow reminded me of the fairy Tinkerbell, who was always dressed in green and was very impulsive. The name really suits her also because she loves to tinker with things. What I mean is she's always getting into things, mostly food XD I love her a lot :)
over a year ago anzu2snow said…
The first cats we had (who were around from when I was born, until they turned 20) were Shana and Drifter. Not sure why my parents named one of them Shana. Shana was a female tabby. Drifter was a stray before my parents brought him in. He would coo at Shana through a glass window. They fell in love, and were very attached throughout their lives. They named him Drifter because he 'drifted' from place to place. (Everyone in town knew about him, and would try to feed him, give him treats, pet him, etc. when he was a stray.) He was a tabby, too.

Another cat was named Shadow. We named her that, because she was always following me. Like a shadow. Stuck to me like glue. She was a Snowshoe.

With Natasha, who's one of our current ones, I'm not sure why my parents called her this. I was away at college when they named her. We tend to shorten it now to Tasha. She fits her name well, too. She's a Turkish Van.

Our other current cat seemed very difficult to come up with a name for. We tried Roxie, Trixie, and a few others. It seemed like for the first couple of weeks we had her, she had a different name every other day. We decided on Rosie in the end. Not sure why, but it seemed to fit. She's a tortoiseshell tabby.