Celebrity Jeopardy Fave Celebrity Jopardy quotes?

gamegirl380 posted on May 17, 2009 at 03:41AM
So, what are they? My faves are:

Adam Sandler: "Another thing that could've been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!

Tom Cruise: "Help me, Alex! Help me, help you!"

Sean Connery: "Hope we didn't wake you. Your mother's a screamer!"

Jeff Goldblum: *looks down at feet in shame* "I can't read or write..."

Alex Trebek: "It's a friggin' hammer!"

Alex Trebek: "Oh my Lord! That has to be the filthiest word I've ever seen!"
Sharon Osbourne: "Yes, well, Minnie wrote it! YAY!" *holds up Minnie, her fluffly dog, and rubs her against Alex's face.*

Alex Trebek: "Mr. Cosby, would you like to pick a category?"
Bill Cosby: "No, I would not."

Alex Trebek: (referring to Keanu Reeve's wager of 'Eleventy Billion Dollars') "That's not even a number."
Keanu Reeves: "Yet."

Michael Keaton: "I'm Batman!"

John Travolta: "Is this a horror flick we're talking about? 'Cause I love horror flicks."

Robin Williams: *touches Alex's head* "I heal you, my boy! You are healed!"

Sean Connery: "Two Trebeks? I feel like I'm in a Raisen Bran commercial. Two scoops of fruit!"

Catherine Zeta-Jones: "Michael, if you're watching, the diapers are in the bedroom closet, and the BABY's diapers are under the sink. I love you, darling!"

French Stewart: "Hey, my name is French!"
Burt Reynolds: "Yeah, well, who gives a damn?"

Alex Trebek: "You usually drink water from this object."
Sean Connery: "A leather glove."
Alex Trebek: "No."
Minnie Driver: "A toilet!"
Alex Trebek: "No. That's just awful!"

Alex Trebek: "This Shakespearian play is about a Merchant in Vernice."
Burt Reynolds: "Yeah, it's Footlose! Good play, Footloose."

So, yeah! I know I have a LOT of fave celebrity jeopardy quotes, and I'm, no doubt, probably forgetting some, but these are jsut some are my faves. Post your own faves here!

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