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“Wow, Keith, this beach is stunning. I can see why your dad chose here to buy a timeshare.” “You like it?” Keith looked back at her, grinning uncontrollably. “How could I NOT like it? It’s the prettiest beach I’ve ever seen in Cali.” “Yeah, I love it a whole lot. The waves are perfect for us surfers, too.” He gazed out at the horizon, taking in the view and sound of it all. Chloe was looking around for the beach house, but couldn’t find it. “Um, Keith? Where exactly is the beach house?” Keith looked at her with a mischievous gaze in his eye. “That’s one of the big surprises.” “Right.” Chloe laughed and gave him a little shove. “So, is it invisible or something.” “Aw, fine.” He gave up his attempt to hide his reason of untying the small rowboat. “See that small island out there?” He pointed to a small island covered with thick foliage. “Yeah…is that where…?” “Mmhmmm, surprise!” They laughed in unison and loaded up their stuff into the boat. While rowing across the crystal blue water, they pointed out fish and talked about Celtic Thunder and Ireland. The more Chloe heard about Celtic Thunder, the more she fell in love with them. And the more she heard about Ireland, the more she wanted to live there. She’d been saving up her money to chase that dream for years, and she wasn’t about to give up on it either. Finally, they reached their destination, and Keith jumped out to push the boat to shore. Chloe helped Keith get the bags, but Keith wouldn’t let her take anything but very lightweight bags. She was secretly touched by his gentlemanly gesture, truly believing once before that chivalry was actually dead. But that rule apparently didn’t apply to Keith; in fact, he seemed to defy almost every aspect of the average male nowadays. It scared and enticed her spirit all at once, but she still refused to give her heart away and let fly freely. Keith unlocked the door to the whitewashed, yet rustically beautifully, beach house. “How old is this house, Keith? It’s beautiful.” “It’s about 100 years old, Chlo. It’s old, but that’s what gives it charm.” “So true,” she and Keith stepped into the century old home, and she admired its outstanding beauty. It was decorated to perfectly match a home you would find in the 18th century, and that was Chloe’s favorite style, because it was captivating and, in a few ways, romantic. Keith led her to one of the rooms, and he set her suitcase on the floor next to her bed. “Growing fond of it already, Chlo? Wow, I’m impressed.” He whistled childishly, but his laidback nature is one of the things that drew him to Chloe. She couldn’t help but smile and laugh with him. “So, whatchya want to do now, Keith?” “You have to ask?!” Keith pretended to feel offended, putting his hand to his chest with wide eyes. “Let me guess…surfing?” “Now you’re on the right track! Are you up for it, Chloe Moore? Or are you afraid of me being so much better at surfing?” “Better?! HA! No way, mister! If you want a showdown, you’re gonna get a showdown!” “Well then, bring it sweetheart!” “I will, count on that Keith. You’re going to be a sore loser when I’m done with you.” She playfully kicked him out of her room and changed into her wetsuit. She and Keith ran outside, bursting with laughter, as they grabbed their boards and raced to the shore. It was pristine weather for surfing and the waves were more than perfect. Chloe and Keith made an adorable couple, and even cuter while surfing with each other. Unfortunately for Keith, though he should’ve seen it coming, he lost every challenge he made with Chloe. He was mind blown and Chloe’s talents. They laid out under the night sky on the beach after surfing for hours, and Keith was still in shock. “Keith, really,” Chloe said with a laugh in her musical soprano voice, “you’re an amazing surfer. I’m not worth being admired that much.” “WHAT?!! You beat me a million times, and you say you’re not worthy of admiration? Are you feeling alright, Chlo, or did those waves knock you around too much?” “I’m fine, thanks,” she said with a smile, “so, do you have any brothers or sisters? I’ve never asked you too much about your family life.” “Yep, I have one sister, and she’s 17. She has an incredibly lovely voice, and is also hoping to become a Celtic singe as well. She inspires me a lot, the way she pursues things that seem so out of her reach. Her passion and fire inside of her blows me away at times.” “I’d absolutely love to meet her sometime.” “Great! She’d adore you. You’re her kind of gal to hang around with.” They smiled at each other, and Keith slowly placed her hand in his and intertwined their fingers. “So, since you want to meet my sister, does that mean you’re promising to come with me to Ireland?” “Well, maybe…” “Nice! I got a maybe!” They smiled at each other, and Keith slowly placed his hand in hers and intertwined their fingers. Chloe looked at that gesture as one of friendship because she didn’t think it possible for Keith to ever fall in love, or even think of falling in love, with a girl as simple and imperfect as her. “What about you? Do you have any siblings, Chlo?” “Yes, I do. My little sister is 11, ten years younger than I am. She grew up looking at me as more of a second mother rather than a sister, and I love that. She and I couldn’t be more closely knit, and she’s the exact replica of me. I write to her every month and call her every week.” “That’s wonderful, Chlo. She must be such an angel, knowing you.” Chloe blushed, and Keith squeezed her hand tightly. “Hey, are you hungry? I totally forgot we both haven’t eaten for hours.” Chloe remarked, realizing it was now way past sunset. “Actually, I am a bit peckish. Let’s get inside before you get sick.” Chloe cocked her head to the side, looking at Keith in pure confusion. “You know, you worry about me too much.” “No, I worry about you enough. If I worried about you too much, I’d be stalking you.” “Hmmm, good point.” They walked into the beach house, laughing together as usual. The weekend flew by, and the couple enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Keith’s favorite part of the weekend was begging Chloe to sing for him. “Please, oh please, oh please, oh please Chlo!!! You can’t be bad at it! And I promise, cross my heart, I won’t laugh.” He pouted and clasped his hands together. Ugh, why couldn’t she ever say no to him! So she sang Caledonia in her sweet and rich soprano voice, which made Keith fall in love with her singing. “That. Was. TOO GOOD FOR WORDS!!!” He continually praised her till the end of the night. “That was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had, Chlo. You really made it something very special for me.” “Awww, Keith, I’m happy that you’re happy. I couldn’t have been more joyful, either. Despite the recent issues I’ve been in.” “OH! Drat, that’s right, I need to tell you my 2nd surprise.” There he was with the mischievous smirk again, but the funny thing was that it made him look painstakingly beautiful to Chloe. Her heart sped up, but she breathed in deeply to calm herself and remind her that he was an angel compared to her. “Ready, Chlo? Brace yourself, Ms. Moore.” He sat down with her next to their loaded rowboat, taking her two hands into his and looking her deeply in the eyes. “I…think so?” Keith threw back his head and bellowed with laughter once more. “Keith! Snap back into reality, silly!” Chloe gave him a look of concern, wondering if he’d lost it yet. Maybe this really was good news. She felt her face suddenly light up with curiosity as she leaned in closer to Keith. “Okay, so, like I said, I talked to Sharon, and she’s just as, if not more, beyond impressed with you. See, since we’re beginning an entirely new Celtic Thunder show, we need more dancers and even a female singer for two or three songs. You match every little detail Sharon’s been looking for in a female dancer and singer, and you’re better than most, because you can both sing and dance! So, I told her how your contract expired in a month’s time, and she asked me that, since you are so willing to move outta here, if you’re willing to take it, go with me back to Ireland and take up the job of an official Celtic Thunder dancer and singer. Of course, it’s still entirely up to you and I’m not trying to force you into this, but honestly, I’d love it if you came to Ireland.” Chloe didn’t know what to think at that moment. Someone she never even met wanted her to be a part of the famous Celtic Thunder?! “Keith, are you being serious, or just picking at my emotions?” Keith stared at Chloe in abhorrence. “Why would I ever want to play with your emotions, Chlo? I’d never dream of it, sweetheart. I’m being completely serious.” She was still speechless, but not because she was going to say no, but because she never thought that she’d ever be offered such an unbelievable job. “Keith, of course I’ll accept Sharon’s request!!! I couldn’t in my life dream of turning such an offer down!!! I’ve been waiting my whole life to be in something this big!!!” She tackled Keith with a big bear hug, and they laid on the sand laughing. “REALLY, Chlo?!! YOU MEAN IT?!” Keith gasped for air, apparently losing it from her shocking and immediate response. “And, one more thing, Chlo.” Chloe looked at Keith intently. “If you…you know,” Keith was somewhat hesitating, “can’t find a place….to stay, then, I’ll be more than happy to take you in. I have a three-bedroom home in Donegal, and you know I always love having you around.” “Keith, how adorably sweet of you! Thank you for your offer,” she gave him a shy little kiss on the cheek, “and I may just take it up, because I can have my bags pack in an hour, but I can’t get a home as quickly.” “Well, don’t worry your pretty little head about that one bit, darling. I’ll be more than happy to help you find a place of your own. I’m so ecstatic that you said yes! I was so afraid of you objecting.” “Never.” Keith returned her kiss by kissing her on the forehead. “Well Chlo, we should be heading back now. C’mon, slow poke!” They hoped into the boat, with Keith rowing them to the nearby main shoreline. They stopped in a local diner for dinner, then headed back to Chloe’s Irish apartment. When they unpacked, Chloe made tea while Keith set up a warm fire. “When do we head to Ireland, Keith? I’m so excited, but I also need to get everything in order, packed, and set up. Keith put his arm around Chloe and gave her a squeeze around the shoulders, “We leave in two weeks, dear. I bought plane tickets for a ten-o-clock Friday morning flight as soon as I received Sharon’s response.” “Great! I’ll be done with packing up my clothes and things by this week. And, well, I already promised all this furniture to a friend of mine, so that’s taken care of.” Keith was yet again astonished at Chloe. “Whoa Chlo, you’re a really diligent lass. That’s quite cute, actually. I love your enthusiasm about all of this.” Chloe giggled, “Why, thank you, kind sir.” Keith glanced up at the clock. “I think it’s about time you get to bed, darling.” Chloe pouted, refusing to get up. “Why?” Keith laughed, “Because I said so, that’s why.” “No.” “Yes.” “NOOOO.” Keith threw his hands in the air. “Fine.” He took their cups into the kitchen, walked into the living room, put out the fire, and stood over Chloe, trying to look ferocious. But, Chloe just giggled, until she saw his mischievous grin again, then she stopped her laughter promptly and just stared at Keith with wide eyes. “I know how to deal with stubbornness, Chlo.” He winked at her and a second later, she was swooped off the floor and in his arms. He carried her to the doorway of her bedroom and gently set her down on her feet again. Chloe was blushing deep red, though she actually did like him carrying her. Keith kept smiling down at her sweetly, “You okay, Chlo? You look a bit stunned, to say the least.” Chloe gave a nervous laugh, “When you say you know how to deal with stubbornness, you weren’t kidding.” They laughed and hugged, said goodnights, and both of them slept soundly, secretly dreaming of each other.