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Chace Crawford dans le film Twelve

Chace Crawford Dianna Agron Glee 5X12 100th Episode - FIRST LOOK!

Chase Crawford This Morning interview

Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford talks dating in private

Running from Romeo Movie Trailer

Blake Lively and Chace Crawford on set of Gossip Girl

Chace Crawford Interview

Chace Crawford- Rolling Stone Interview -- May 14, 2012

вяєαк уα вαcк ;) [ Happy 27th Birthday Chace Crawford ♥]

Chace Crawford Anna Kendrick Interview exclusive by Monsieur Hollywood Part 2 of 2

Chace Crawford's sexy voice (Sub)

Chace Crawford Pictures :)

Fanmade Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick

Chace Crawford picture :)

Chace Crawford & Ed Westwick hit Men's Fashion Week 2012!

Chace Crawford Does the Movie Trailer Voice! - STUDIO SECRETS

Chace Crawford Talks "Gossip Girl" 100th Show

chace crawford plotting world domination

Fun, Fearless Hunks Chace Crawford on Extra

Nate from gossip girl Photo shoot

Gossip Girl - Photoshoot EW

One in a Million Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford - Photoshoot

Chace Crawford ***Bring me to life***

Chace Crawford at Duracell's Star-Studded Olympic Event Extra.flv

Chace Crawford in Sydney

Gossip Girl Filming Clip - 02-01-2012 Chace Crawford


Celebs on file- Chace Crawford gets arrested

Gossip Girl 2012 - 2013 Chace Crawford and Jesinta Campbell Miss Universe Australia 2010

Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford HD Interview!!

Interview Chace Crawford on " The Project " - Diet Coke 2012...

Chace Crawford: Finnick in Hunger Games! - Exclusive

Interview Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford Interview Magazine Photoshoot-Beautiful

Gossip Girl Interview Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford Interview Magazine Photoshoot-They Don't Care About Us

Interview - Chace Crawford goes for Steve McQueen

Chace Crawford Outside the Hudson Bar- May 23, 2011

MSN Interview with Chace Crawford 2011

Chace Crawford & his sister Candice Crawford talk about their childhood

Chace Crawford Interview

Chace Crawford interview on The Project - Gossip Girl / Diet Coke 2012

Chace Crawford and Anna Kendrick Interview - What To Expect When You're Expecting


Chace Crawford Interview - Sydney

Chace Crawford - Interview 23.04.2012

Chace Crawford: It's weird when girls want your pants.

Interview with Ed Westwick & Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford in Hollywood

Chace Crawford interview. This Morning Behind the Scenes.

Gossip Girl Season 5 "Chace Crawford Interview"

Chace Crawford Lolo Magazine Interview

Chace Crawford Glamour Magazine Interview

Chase Crawford talking about Gossip Girl and Ed Westwick

Chase Crawford talking about Gossip Girl and being a heartthrob

Chase Crawford interview discussing his perfect girlfriend

Bring me to life (Jenny & Nate)

Jenny & Nate Russian Roulette

Top 11 Nate and Jenny Moments Part 1

Nate And Jenny - Need You Now

Make Me Wanna Die - Jenny & Nate


I Could Fly - Nate/Jenny

Nate & Jenny I Nothing's wrong with you

Gossip girl 5X19| It Girl, Interrupted| Nate and Lola| Moments| Love

Gossip Girl 5x19 It Girl, Interrupted - Nate & Diana call a truce

Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford Interview "Who is the best kisser?"

Blake and Chace - Behind The Scenes - 2007

Blake calls Chace perfect looking.

Gossip Girl 4x05 "Goodbye, Columbia" - Nate and Serena

Nate&Serena- Another Now

Nate and Serena // I Still Love You

Nate and Serena's SECRET AFFAIR

Serena and Nate - I Will Be There For You

Nate and Serena - Why Can't I?

Nate and Serena Best Moments Part 2

Nate and Serena Best Moments Part 1

Nate;Serena || Take me away

loves to blame | nate&serena

Serena and Nate - Why do you do this to me?

Serena & Nate - All this time

Nate/Serena 5.18 Clip 03 {Read Description}

Sutton and Nate

Gossip Girl - Best of

Nate/Serena 5.21 Clip 01 {Read Description}

you lift me up || nate & serena

we live in a beautiful world.

GG || new york, i love you, but you're bringing me down.

Chace Crawford's sexy voice

Dan/Blair/Nate - Skinny Love

Gossip girl 5X22| Raiders of The Lost Art| Nate and Lola| Moments| Love

Gossip Girl 5x22 Raiders of the Lost Art - Sneak Peek

nate archibald sexy and i know it

Gossip girl 5X21| Despicable B| Nate and Lola| Moments| Love

Gossip girl 5X20| Salon of The Dead| Nate and Lola| Moments| Love

Nate Archibald and Haley James - Just A Dream (Video Request)

Nate Archibald - Bet On It

Retro NBA - Nate Tiny Archibald

Nate Archibald - Like A G6