May 5, 2011

SOCAN's Lynn Ross presented six No. 1 Song Awards to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger and three to his co-writer, producer Joey Moi, on April 29 at Kroeger's studio in British Columbia's Fraser Valley, where the band is currently writing and recording their next album.

All six of the songs being honoured are written or co-written by Chad Kroeger, and are published or co-published by Arm Your Dillo Publishing Inc. and Warner Tamerlane Publishing Co. (BMI). All but one are performed by Nickelback.

The songs, the charts which they topped (and when), co-writers, co-publishers and other performers are as follows:

"This Afternoon"
Chart: MuchMoreMusic Countdown, week of July 2, 2010
Co-Writers: Michael Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Robert "Mutt" Lange (PRS)
Co-Publishers: Black Diesel Music Inc., Zero G Music Inc., Out of Pocket Productions Ltd.

"Something In Your Mouth"
Chart: Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock, four weeks starting Mar 7, 2009
Co-Writers: Michael Kroeger, Joey Moi, Robert "Mutt" Lange (PRS)
Co-Publisher: Out of Pocket Productions Ltd.

"Burn It To The Ground"
MuchMoreMusic Countdown, week of Oct. 2, 2009
Co-Writers: Mike Kroeger, Joey Moi

"Gotta Be Somebody"
1) Nielsen BDS Hot AC, three weeks starting Nov. 17, 2008
2) Nielsen BDS Top 100 All Format, five weeks starting Nov. 3, 2008
3) MuchMoreMusic Countdown, the week of Feb. 27, 2009
4) MuchMusic Countdown, the week of Apr. 2, 2009
Co-Writers: Ryan Peake, Joey Moi
Co-Publisher: Zero G Music Inc.

"If Today Was Your Last Day"
MuchMoreMusic Countdown, two weeks starting June 19, 2009

"Life After You"
Performer: Daughtry
Chart: Nielsen BDS Hot AC Chart, two weeks strating March 1, 2010
Co-Writers: Joey Moi, Brett Cornelius (ASCAP), Chris Daughtry (BMI)
Co-Publishers: Anaesthetic Publishing, Moi Music Productions Inc., Surface Pretty Deep Ugly Music (BMI), Universal Music Careers

Joey Moi (left) and Chad Kroegerwith just a few of their newly-received SOCAN No. 1 Song Awards. (Photo: Lynn Ross)