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sherrik said …
You are simply beautiful! Posted 3 months ago
kurtblue26 said …
Chad you rockzz a
Lots of band thats vow on you like my band musicjam Posted 7 months ago
Squall1982 said …
what ... only 277 fans ?! Posted over a year ago
Jon3797 said …
I saw you perform in Iowa . Posted over a year ago
viju said …
I'm real surprised to hear about Chad and Avril...Anyhoo, I love Nickleback, I love Chad, I love Avril, but their union is really surprising. Though I wish them good luck... Posted over a year ago
BManic95 said …
Hey Chad i just wanna say your amazing in concert and that i love nickelback you guys are inspiering and that i like all your albums i have 2 of them Dark horse and Here and now just wanted to say you guys are amazing. Posted over a year ago
punky61 said …
beng a Canadian Chad, i as you Love To watch Hockey and YES like you the Play offs, = R The BEST and i sure would drink a few beers OR coolers with U Chad and watc playoffs with YOU...........To Bad Toronto, Calgary,Vancouver AND the rest of OUR Canadian teams are NOT in this Year. SORRY Chad,BUT I AM A Leaf Fan, have 2 B, I am from Toronto Originally, and after them. ANY Canadian Team IS Good to go for me.

CANADA ROCKS AND HAS THE BESTEST BAND = **** NICKLEBACK**** = woot woot wooooHoooo :-) Posted over a year ago
punky61 said …
wanna know WHO Runs this site, as I am sure it is NOT Chad who does, he is 2 Busy to be doing this sort of stuff. a : Busy working / touring, b: Busy Drinking & Partying. c: busy riding ALL His bikes, d: busy doing what I am sure he DOES 2nd best _ other then sing/play guitar. e: BUSY HAVING A GR8 LIVE AND NOT ON HERE AS I AM Trying ti find out all I can about Chad
and there is so much i am pissed at, HE HAS A GF and she HAS TO GO, AND I MEAN GO, her time with Chad is Up now, time 4 me Now Posted over a year ago
punky61 said …
chad : If you Do run onto this page here and your Not 2 busy, would Love to get even a small email from you. You WOULD MAKE MY Day like you have No Idea ! I am NOT A Crazy Nutjob, just one who digs you, digs your music, your voice IS THE BEST Ever and I just LOVE YOUR Songs and the words you write R So Meaningfull mostly. WE CAN STAND TOGETHER, Is just an example of YOUR HEART and how YOU Feel about what is happening in this World, and Love you for having such GOOD Feelings about ppl *& Life !xo Posted over a year ago
punky61 said …
I just want to say: Chad you ROCK and so glad ur a CANADIAN, and so wish i could meet you, I am so in Love with Chad,
IF You see this Chad, get me at

I am sure and I KNOW This is just a DREAM to even think of you emailing me OR even seeing this Post
BUT Ya Never Know eh
stranger things happen and I am sure you do go online and you DO See these places where ppl like me confess our LOVE FOR YOU !

LOVE YA Chad , and YOU ROCK BaBe, you ROCK and don't stop ROCKIN OUR WORLDS Posted over a year ago