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My hair ❤️
Pics for the pick
Pics for the pick
Pics for the pick
Pics for the pick
For Diana!!!!! ♥
I cut my hair and I am basically freaking out unlike this picture shows
18th birthday
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cintia_cs said …
Hey there!! Just thought I'd come say hi and tell you I'm still alive.. :P I miss this place <33 Posted 1 day ago
CullenSisters-X commented…
Hi, Cint!! Good to have you back here :) 1 day ago
tvdlover commented…
Babeeee. 5 hours ago
twilightlover73 said …
I'm leaving for a couple of weeks and I'll make you guys the icons I promised after I come back, you can sign up in the forum still. Bye. Posted 6 days ago
XxXrachellXxX commented…
I will totally email you every day, I swear. I already told you this like two seconds ago on skype, but I will miss you so much & I love youuuuu <333 Have the best time, you deserve it! 6 days ago
CullenSisters-X commented…
Have a brilliant time, Diana!! 6 days ago
twilightlover73 commented…
Thanks guys. I can connect on my phone so I'll be able to talk to some of you on skype. 3 days ago
modernfan said …
Guys is anyone gonna post more suggestions for spot look change or can I make the picks? Posted 18 days ago
CullenSisters-X commented…
I think you should make the picks Sara :D 17 days ago