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The fans pick: [♔] queen: taylor swift
[♔] queen: taylor swift
[♀] face: kristen bell
The fans pick: Inés #1 : Nina Dobrev
Inés #1 : Nina Dobrev
Ray #1 : Emilia Clarke
The fans pick: #6 Ron & Hermione
#6 Ron & Hermione
#9 Klaus & Caroline
The fans pick: 3 ✘ harry potter & hermione granger ▷ harry potter
3 ✘ harry potter & hermione granger ▷ harry potter
1 ✘ brooke davis & peyton sawyer ▷ one tree hill
The fans pick: 4 ✘ ian somerhalder
4 ✘ ian somerhalder
5 ✘ logan lerman
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modernfan said …
Guys can someone send a msg to dave or papa about the spot look change? I've done it a million times and I'm kinda embarrassed to do it again because of that :/ Posted 4 months ago
Sakkara98 commented…
Done =) 4 months ago
Sakkara98 commented…
Apparently Cliff told me that they were doing polls to change the spot looks changes, so we have to wait =) 3 months ago
tvdlover said …
Guess who's back for good? Sorry guys I've been so busy with school and life. Is my senior year and I'm never free from school. I miss you guys so much. Posted 5 months ago
unicornsrreal said …
Hey guys!
Sorry I've been so MIA lately, a lot has been happening here, school-wise and I've also been ill and have been dealing with a lot of emotional stuff too!
I'm going to try and come by more often but I can't count on being here a lot because of everything that is happening. I hope you're all good, and yeah, LOVE YOU ALL Posted 6 months ago
twilightlover73 commented…
Hey Bee! I'm glad to see you here, I've missed you lots <3 I hope you feel better and I hope everything's okay, if you wanna talk you can always talk to me. I love you! 6 months ago