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I don't mind being the bad guy... || Damon & Elena

Elena Gilbert - What Makes You Beautiful

Leyton vs. Brucas | Somebody That I Used To Know {Collab w/ Jenny}

{Brooke&Lucas} "Forget what we're told, before we get too old.."

►The Vampire Diaries | Paradise

Chuck + Blair | You're All I Need , You're Everything.. (5x16)

Skinny Love - Chuck and Blair { 5x13 spoilers }

we miss brooke & lucas ; tweet it!

Sexy And i know it { chuck bass }

Brooke & Lucas | Stereo Love

The truth about ACTA || PLEASE, DON'T IGNORE!

Damon & Elena 3x14 - Wicked Game (Vampire Diaries)

Chuck&Blair | I want (for BasyaBasechka)

[ Brooke | Lucas ] • "I'm no longer your muse..."

Damon & Rebekah; "Oh baby baby..." [3x14]

Blair Waldorf (When She Cries)

Ed Westwick Gossip Girl Audition 2

● Damon+Elena+Stefan | dead hearts

Umbrella \\ Blair Serena

Losing Your memory { Gossip Girl cast } 5x11 , for { lbchatterbox }

This is why I'm hot [TVD hot stuff]

Jared Padalecki {shirtless} || This Is Why Im Hot

Damon Salvatore - This is why I'm hot

[CW Boys] - Moves Like Jagger (400+ subs)

[Сhuck and Blair] - my skin {for RUBYBASS}

Swallowed In The Sea (dedicated to BlairWaldorfan0 & britneyandtvd19)

Chuck&Blair ♢ Color the s k y

[FINCHEL] Forever Young

Stefan & Elena || Echo

Damon Salvatore - Xo Xo, Damon

Dean Winchester || This Is Why I'm Hot

this is why i'm hot (gossip guys)

Chuck & Blair |♦| Turning Tables ( BGGV)

I am Chuck Bass

Like Spencer's the only one Toby will ever love

The Secret Circle •This Is War•

Chuck and Blair|♦| Paradise (5x11)

Chuck & Blair ✗ Still ℓost. (5x11)

Chuck & Blair - Don't leave me.... [for BlurOfYellow]

brooke&lucas | we got matching tattoos...

Klaus & Caroline - Fever {dedications}

Damon & Elena - Rescue me {AU + dedication}

Multimales - Boy like You! {+ Crak!Vid + Happy B-day my Sun-Arevik}

Damon saves Dean - Hey Doggy Doggy !

Damon Salvatore - Ooh boy You so fine... {3.08 spoilers}

Stefan & Caroline - Good girls go bad {Happy b-day InsolentLove}

Dean/Elena/Damon - Wake up call

Damon & Elena - Private Love

SPN & TVD - Drop it {for LightningFair }

Chuck + Blair | The one that got away (5x11)

Stefan Salvatore || Reason to remember the name

Stefan Salvatore | Drop It

► Party Rock Anthem / Multifandom

...who's gonna run this town tonight?...

|| Sweetheart, I'm the boss! || {tvd s3}

Ian Somerhalder ; Satisfaction

"He's my brother..." The Salvatore Brothers (GVC)

Cobrastyle Teddybears + Lyrics

Lessons In Love (feat. Neon Trees) - Kaskade (Fire & Ice 2011)

Stefan & Elena | That kind of love never dies.

Stefan & Elena || I lost you the minute I left town

Rock Your S&M Fantasy || Multifandom (+blover16)

Chuck&Blair►[This Woman's Work]

Blair & Chuck || Cause i wanted to fly,so you gave me your wings.

Uncertainty - Chuck/Blair

Chuck & Blair, kisses scenes

Gossip Girl Couples and Kisses

Multifandom couples - I feel so cold

skinny love; multi-couples.

Gossip Girl couples- season of love collab

D&K - What Goes Around Comes Around

I love every part of you | chuck&blair

goodbye | matt & caroline

►The Vampire Diaries | And It Goes Like This

Ron&Hermione | For all of time

Damon+Elena & Chuck+Blair | Say It Now

TVD vs SPN - crack!vid №2 {2000 + subs}

TVD vs SPN - Crack!Vid

Ian.Paul.Nina - Why We Love Them!

►The Vampire Diaries | Breaking Point

►The Vampire Diaries | Atmosphere [OVC]

Ed Westwick Dishes on "Gossip Girl"

Caroline & Klaus- What about now.

klaus & caroline II undisclosed desires

someday you will be loved ; klaus + caroline (for marine)

nothing but missing you (spencer/toby)

Tornado meets a Volcano

PLL | Got a s e c r e t, Can you k e e p it?

pretty little liars , she's a genius ♥

Smiley's 'Like a G6' and 'I Wanna Go' mashup/remix :D

I'm sexy and I know it || Damon Salvatore

Gossip Girl Cast (Obsession)

I will love you till the end of time | chuck&blair

Gossip Girl Cast (I Wanna Go) {IMWY}

gossip girl | sky's still blue

♡ Toby & Spencer - All In ♡

›› Chuck & Blair - [[Chairytale]]

Adele | Beautiful soul

Chuck & Blair // Please don't go

skyscraper | chuck + blair {IMWY}