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dan&serena | it's too late to apologize

►Secret Circle║Shake It Out(im finally done)

Damon & Elena // Iris

What eye thing ?

The Vampire Diaries // How To Save A Life

No one will ever understand how much it hurts

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool my best friend, you're dead freaking meat

[3x22] Tyler&Сaroline/Goodbye My Lover

►Stefan + Elena | If Happy Ever After Did Exist[Payphone]

My beatbox inspiration

A hilarious song we in school have been obsessing over for the past 2 years

Multicouples - Run [Collab with Schokokeks1189]

►The Ladies Of TSC ► Life In Color(my new vid)

be still | Ryan + Marissa

And here comes my very first fanmade video!

the vampire diaries | I can barely look at you |

nate + serena "this girl is only gonna break your heart"

Stefan and Elena | What's a soulmate?

follow me, end up like me | pretty little liars [OSCAR]

Alaric Saltzman - One Last Goodbye

10 reasons why | stefan & elena

chuck+blair | "and i saw what it was that i had done to you.."

so cold | chuck & blair {5x24 spoilers}

Chuck + Blair || you have stolen my heart {5x24}

chuck&blair | i've come to fight for you (5x24 SPOILERS) (600+subs)

part of me, like breathing; ed + leighton

make you feel my love | chuck & blair

Chuck and Blair [5x24 finale] - The Return Of The Ring

chuck & blair | it will rain

■Brooke & Lucas - Shattered

Brooke and Lucas || Hey, Soul Sister

Brucas - A Drop in the Ocean

Brooke&lucas 'you'll always be my thunder...'

the njbc || we are young

►Damon & Elena | Clumsy

never let me go | chuck + blair

Chuck & Blair | So cold


I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it // SSC

Damon & Elena | for blue skies

Stefan&Elena&Damon | i know what i want

Damon & Elena | I can't lose you

Born To Die

So cold { Serena } SPOILERS 5x23

Chair&Stelena | Full on

Dan & Serena - Calls Me Home

Chuck/Blair Dan/Serena (A Thousand Years)

a thousand years | dan & serena

Candice + Ashley ► Commander