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(A little treat for you all) Clash of Worlds; A Fanfiction~ Opening Theme

And here comes my very first fanmade video!

Blair/Chuck || Help I'm Alive

SPN & TVD - Drop it {for LightningFair }

chuck & blair ● you're killing me ;;

Chuck & Blair || What If

chuck + blair; i don't believe in fairytales, but I believe in you and me

Chuck Bass - Amazing

Katherine Pierce • Baby, I'm A Rockstar

Katherine Pierce l Little Bad Girl

one week of danger (chuck&blair)


"I'm about to bring the heat..." Multi-females

A hilarious song we in school have been obsessing over for the past 2 years

All We Are - C&B

►The Ladies Of TSC ► Life In Color(my new vid)

»Sexy Silk (Chuck/Blair)

Blair & Chuck - Your Love's A Drug

Chuck & Blair - Because You Loved Me

Chuck & Blair - By The Way

Chuck & Blair - Rolling in the Deep

Chuck & Blair - Set Fire to the Rain

Chuck & Blair - Stay

Chuck & Blair - Too Late

Chuck & Blair // Gimme More

Chuck & Blair | Stefan & Elena \\ Perfect

Chuck & Blair || Bring Me To Life

Chuck + Blair - Someone Like You

Chuck + Blair || Love the Way You Lie

Chuck And Blair - Don't Let Me Go

Chuck and Blair || Jar of Hearts

Chuck/Blair - Broken Strings

Chuck/Blair - Everything

Chuck/Blair || Marry You

Clash of Worlds - Trailer (Second version)

collide | chuck & blair

Hot Guys "Be my honey tonight..." (My new vid)

I Got Tagged On YT & I Tag CBF Vidders (;

I'm sexy and I know it || Damon Salvatore

if we ever meet again (chuck&blair)

like ships in the night, you keep passing me by; | Chuck + Blair *Wish #3 [Ginny]*

Please Don't Leave Me | Blair&Chuck

TVD Hotties - I'm sexy and I know it

We Could Have Had It All | Blair&Chuck

Chuck and Blair, congrats on the sex. 6.01 Sneak Peek

►The Vampire Diaries | Paradise

best of me (chuck&blair)

Chuck & Blair | A Drop In The Ocean

Chuck & Blair | I Forgive You

Chuck & Blair | In my Veins

Chuck & Blair | Perfect

chuck & blair | ships in the night

Chuck and Blair - Best Thing I Never Had

Damon & Rebekah; "Oh baby baby..." [3x14]

Ed Westwick Dishes on "Gossip Girl"

Gossip Girl Cast | Whatcha Say

Gossip Girl Opening (Skins Style)

I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it // SSC

I know you want me - Chuck Bass & Damon Salvatore

My First Fan video :)

Sexy And i know it { chuck bass }

Smiley's 'Like a G6' and 'I Wanna Go' mashup/remix :D

The Secret Circle •This Is War•

The truth about ACTA || PLEASE, DON'T IGNORE!

We R Who We R \\ Gossip girl

►Stefan + Elena | My Heart Will Go On

"He's my brother..." The Salvatore Brothers (GVC)

'Cause baby you're a firework . . . // Chuck & Blair

...who's gonna run this town tonight?...

30 Reasons why we love Tyler & Caroline { dedcation }

50 shades of grey † a little death

:. Thrift Shop .: Damon Salvatore

► 3x15 || Dropped [900+ subs!!]

► Party Rock Anthem / Multifandom

►Secret Circle║Shake It Out(im finally done)

►The Vampire Diaries | And It Goes Like This

● Thea + Roy :: DNA ●

Brooke & Lucas | Stereo Love

candice & ashley | fireworks

Candice + Ashley ► Commander


Chuck & Blair - Drop in the Ocean

Chuck & Blair - ET

Chuck & Blair - Hate me

Chuck & Blair - Slow

Chuck & Blair // What About Now

Chuck;Blair || The scientist

D&K - What Goes Around Comes Around

Damon & Elena - Private Love

Damon and Elena "She is so lovely"

damon salvatore ● criminal

Damon Salvatore;Chuck Bass||In the city

Damon the vampire GIGOLO [humor] (TKOFND)

Dancing in the Dark | Multi-Female

Dean Winchester || This Is Why I'm Hot

Emily & Nolan (Revenge)

Game of Thrones II Who lives? Who dies?

Go Little Bad Girl ✰ {+Jana} ❤

Gossip Girl // No Light, No Light

Gossip Girl Cast (I Wanna Go) {IMWY}