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Chair vs Dair! Wall

Acissej90 said …
Dan & Blair is so beautiful! I love them!! DAIR FTW!! Posted over a year ago
zoetanxx said …
Why does everyone love dair so mutch?? I like them as friends but come on, chair is meant to be!!! And Dan is really starting to anoy me, acting like he's perfect when he's definately not. He is the one who send the video of blair and Chuck to gg and he's acting like chuck is the bad one Posted over a year ago
twilightkiss commented…
he did this cuz he loves blair and wanted her to be happy with chuck or with him not louis at least he didn't sell her 4 a hotel i used to luv chair 4 along time maye till 2 weeks but nw i chose Dair Dan makes her happy and he sacrificed alot 2 make Blair happy even if he helped her 2 be with onther man he was always there 4 her when everyone was away including chuck Dair is a real luv full of hope , light , truth and happiness over a year ago
csiAthens96 commented…
and he loves her so much. Pure & true love over a year ago
nateandjenny commented…
I agree. Chair is meant to be. my biggest otp like ever! over a year ago
bangel9redux said …
Dan, Dan, he's our man! If he can't have Blair, no one can!! Posted over a year ago
kittiwitti commented…
so true! You just made my day <3 over a year ago
bangel9redux commented…
:) :) :) Dair is too perfect to throw away, and there's no way I will believe that after Blair realizes the loe she shares with Dan that she could go back with Chuck. over a year ago
bangel9redux commented…
love I meant over a year ago
kittiwitti commented…
So true! Blair has to realize how long Dan has been there for her. Protecting her, guiding her and sacrificing everything for her. She better return those feelings this half of the season over a year ago