Who is going to win this thing and make Mo’Nique proud? Does anyone even care anymore?

Absolutely Fabulous
We are finally down to the end and Leilene and Becky are talking and Leilene is so happy to be in the finals. She is reflecting on how quite the house is and can’t understand why. Maybe because there once were a lot and know there’s not. See, I even explained it and rhymed, I should win Charm School for that alone. As the women are talking and hating Shay the loud speaker comes on and they are finally working on commandment 10, Thou Shalt Be Fully Fabulous.

This challenge will take everything they learned and bring it together. They will take a pop quiz and the questions will be about old challenges. Each girl will ask the questions and they can ask whomever they would like. The one that knows the least will be expelled. I am really worried this is going to be a huge bust because can these women read? They have one hour to study and they get to work. Their study skills are highly impressive and I am taking notes. They are going to turn their lessons into rap songs. I wonder if I should be doing that to help me study. Do you think my law professors would mind if I busted out a rap during the final exam?

Becky and Saaphyri decide to gang up on Shay and try to get her out. The first person to get three wrong is out. Leilene is struggling with her studying and decides to do shots to study. I was always taught that if you study drunk you have to take your test drunk, she better commit now. Becky and Saaphyri let her in on their little plan and she is ready to get her out. Everyone is finally called back to the main hall.

Pop Goes the Weasel
Leilene is up first and asks Shay the first question. She gets it correct and asks Leilene her first question, and starts to do all this weird math and gets her question wrong. Saaphyri goes next and she asks Shay, she gets it wrong. Becky goes next and she also asks Shay and she gets that one wrong. She does not understand why everyone is ganging up on her. Hmmm, maybe because she is a dirty thief. Shay finally gets her third question wrong after a round of rapid fire questions.

Shay is very upset that she is out and has been betrayed by Becky. She also informs us that she put her heart into this and wanted to win. Her sob story makes me feel nothing.

After Shay leaves the women are given their next task, they each need to write an essay on how winning Charm School and $50,000 will change their life. The Charm School producers are really asking a lot of these women, reading is tough but writing is just going off the charts for them. Maybe they have little personal assistants who will help off camera. Yes, that has to be the case, now I feel a little better.

The women get to work and for some reason Leilene seems to be using a highlighter to write her speech. Becky seems to think her speech will come to her as she starts talking. This is going to be highly entertaining. Mo’Nique tells the ladies she has brought in someone special to help out, Shay. The women are shocked and surprised and I could really care less.

Speech, Speech, Speech
It’s speech time and I’m ready for a good laugh. Leilene is up first and watching her speak is very painful to me for some reason. She just does not seem with it and I really don’t think she is smart. She goes on and on and on. I block most of it out. Mo looks like she has tears in her eyes for a completely different reason than I do. Mine are from laughter. Becky is up next and I can’t wait to hear what ghetto stuff she has to say. Surprisingly, she has dropped the accent and speaks normal for an extended period of time. Saaphyri is last and her nonsense is just going to be awesome. She doesn’t have a speech and decides to wing it. She gives a very heartfelt speech and even makes Shay and Mo’Nique cry.

It’s now down to the end and Mo’Nique and Shay need to pick who moves on and who is eliminated. Shay talks about the good parts of each of their speeches and still has tears in her eyes while she does this. The first woman moving on is Saaphyri because her speech touched her the most. The second person moving on is Leilene and Becky is going home. She is happy they are going on because she thinks they need the money more than her.

Time for the Final Cut!
Becky and Shay make their exit and we are down to just Leilene and Saaphyri. Tomorrow they will each get makeovers and then the winner will be announced. Saaphyri heads out first for clothes and has a hard time finding clothes that suit her because of her well endowed chest. Leilene shows up next and makes the first Pretty Woman reference. She gets yelled at for still picking stripper clothes. The women head out to get their hair done.

After the makeovers are done they head off to the Charm School finals to see who wins. As each woman makes their entrance we get to finally see their made over selves. They both look great with their new hair, makeup and dresses. One might even not think they are “workers” if driving by them on the street…at first.

Mo tells each woman that they have changed for the better over the course of the season. She then tells them it’s a hard decision and she better just get on with it already. Leilene is called forward and told she is not the winner. Saaphyri is ecstatic that she is the winner and frankly, so am I.