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x-missmckena-x posted on Nov 23, 2007 at 12:54AM
i saw this done on another site recently, each character starts off with 10 points, when its your go you add one to your favorite character and minus one from your least favorite. when a character reaches 0 they are eliminated, any questions just ask!

Every time you put your answer you must copy and paste the new list. Please keep the person who have been eliminated, just so we can who have been eliminated and not have to look on the list and figure out who is no longer there.

10 Prue Halliwell
10 Piper Halliwell
10 Phoebe Halliwell
10 Paige Halliwell
10 Leo Wyatt
10 Cole Turner
10 Grams
10 Andy Trudeau
10 Darryl Morris
10 Patty Halliwell
10 Dan Gordan
10 Coop
10 Henry Mitchell
10 Bille Jenkins
10 Chris Halliwell
10 Wyatt Halliwell

+ Cole Turner
- Coop

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