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Opinion by Silverdoe posted over a year ago
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The Metallicar
Contains spoilers for season 5.

The Impala was redesigned and had a ‘coke bottle’ shape similar to the 1963 Buick Riviera. Safety features were added that included a fully collapsible energy absorbing steering wheel column, side marker lights and shoulder belts for hardtops, sedans and wagons. The Impala was distinguished by bright lower body-side moldings, roof drip cap and revel moldings on hardtops, panel accents, and black accented taillight surrounds. Impala interiors were cloth, cloth and vinyl, or just all vinyl combinations. They came with full wheel covers as well.

To most Supernatural fans, this information about the 1967 Chevrolet Impala means nothing. It’s not what about the muscle car with the roaring engine has and looks like but what it means. In 1973 a young John Winchester bought her impulsively from Rainbow motors in Lawrence, Kansas and has since been an important part in the Winchester tale.

Passed down to Dean by his father, the car quickly became one of Dean's most prized and valuable possessions. It is his baby, his pride and joy. The loss of it would be close to losing part of his family.