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Opinion by x-xmEx-x posted over a year ago
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How can you remove chewing gum from textiles, hair and pavements?
Should chewing gum get stuck, we offer the following advice:

Place clothing in freezer. The chewing gum gets hard and can easily be removed. Alternatively, a solvent may be used, but remember to check whether the material tolerates the treatment.

Place ice cubes on the chewing gum until it becomes hard and can be scraped off with a knife. A solvent may also be used, but as with all materials, please remember to check whether the material tolerates the treatment.

Remove the chewing gum with the special cool spray used by sports people or an oil spray available from carpet specialists.

Use cooking oil, baby oil, massage oil, etc. to remove the chewing gum. You don't need to cut the hair!

Hard floors or pavements
Remove the gum using a firm scraper. In extreme cases, an oil spray may be employed. High-pressure cleaners have been developed for the removal of chewing gum to be used by local authorities and institutions. It is also a useful tool for removing grafitti, etc. from...
Opinion by x-xmEx-x posted over a year ago
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"Fraîcheur de Vivre - Freshness of Life"

Hollywood, launched in 1952, leads the chewing gum market in France - where more chewing gum is consumed per head than anywhere else in the world outside of the US. With a universal appeal, Hollywood has developed a large variety of products to offer not only enjoyment, but also teeth protection, fresh breath and strong taste sensations.

How Hollywood came about

Chewing gum first arrived in France in June 1944 along with the US troops. But it was not until 1952 when former GI Courtland Parfet returned to France that the first French chewing gum was launched. Named Hollywood, the green stick offered a soft mint taste called chlorophylle.


1944 Chewing gum enters France along with US troops.

1952 Former GI, Courtland Parfet, returns to France to launch the first French chewing gum under the Hollywood Brand.