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Chicago PD 6x04 Promo (HD) "One Family. One City. One Night" Season 6 Episode 4

Jay & Will Matt & Kelly [ Whatever it takes ]

Alvin Olinsky [ Survivor ] 5x21

Adam + Kim || Happier

Erin & jay 💞💞💞💞💞 super cute

erin lindsay | big girls cry

Linstead - Like I'm gonna lose you

Nadia Decotis | I promise

erin lindsay and nadia decotis I medicine

Erin + Nadia I How Did I Go Wrong?

right here: jay & erin {+4x08} wish#1

Chicago PD 4x05 Promo "A War Zone" (HD)

Will Halstead ( + Jay ) ❖ Wait (2x01)

Chicago PD | Justin is not coming back (3x23)

Jay and Will Halstead ❖ Rise Up

One Chicago (CPD&CF & CMED) | If somebody hurt you , i wanna fight

chicago pd tribute || i'll be your soldier [+3x23]

not alone: ruzek & burgess {+3x21}

chicago pd | epiphany {+3x19}

Will Halstead ( + Connor ) || So lost

brother, let me be your shelter: jay & will

∞ Erin - Jay ll "I'll be your soldier".. {3x11} ∞


Voight & Lindsay - On My Way [Chicago PD]

»Jay Halstead {+3x17} || it´s coming down.«

paralyzed: jay halstead {+3x17}

chicago pd | do, you mind? |

Jay & Erin || I Hate u I love u

one call away: jay & erin {+3x16}

chicago pd - pieces [3x16] ♡

Will & Jay || Heroes ( ChMed 1x07)

»Lindsay & Voight {+2x23} || say something«

hall of fame: jay & will

Craig Gurwitch || UP

fight song: erin lindsay

Chicago Trilogy - Heroes

Will Halstead - Human

Jay&Erin Adam&Kim || "Your love is worth it"

safe in my hands: ruzek & burgess

Chicago PD - We'll go down in history

can you hold me?: c&d + j&e + r&b

Will & Jay Halstead || Into The Fire

Chicago trilogy || Far Away

Jay & Mouse | "You're good, Buddy?" [+ 3x03]

Chicago PD | I will do the talking HUMOUR [+3x05/06]

Chicago PD || What It Is

See You Again {Chicago P.D}

Chicago PD || “Someone’s Out There...”

lullaby: chicago fire & chicago p.d.

here with me: ruzek & burgess {+2x15}

Burgess and Ruzek [BURZEK] - ** Bloodstream **

[CPD] Burgess & Ruzek || the boy saw the comet

best part of me: ruzek & burgess {+2x23}

iris: ruzek & burgess

Ruzek + Burgess | Hunger [+2x23]

Will Halstead || Heaven

Chicago PD 3x09 Promo "Never Forget I Love You" (HD)

Chicago PD 3x08 Promo "Forget My Name" (HD)

Chicago PD 3x07 Promo "A Dead Kid, a Notebook and a Lot of Maybes" (HD)

Chicago PD 3x05 Promo "Climbing Into Bed" (HD)

Chicago PD - Brutal Interrogation (Episode Highlight)

Chicago PD - Vengeance Is Coming (Preview)

Chicago PD 3x04 Promo "Debts of the Past" (HD)

Chicago PD - No Criminal Priors (Sneak Peek)

Chicago PD - An Interrogation Gets Personal (Episode Highlight)

Chicago PD - On the Set with Burgess and Roman (Digital Exclusive)

Chicago PD - No Way Out (Preview)

Chicago PD 3x03 Promo "Actual Physical Violence" (HD)

Chicago PD - Little Boy Lost (Sneak Peek)

»Erin & Jay | How to Save a Life«

Chicago PD - Deadly Demands (Episode Highlight)

Chicago PD - Behind the Scenes of the Premiere (Digital Exclusive)

Chicago PD - Ahead: Cops on Edge (Preview)

Chicago PD 3x02 Promo "Natural Born Storyteller" (HD)

Chicago PD - Olinsky's Secret (Sneak Peek)

Chicago PD - Getting Blacked Out (Sneak Peek)

Chicago PD - A Deal with the Devil (Sneak Peek)

Chicago Trilogy: The City of Heroes Promo (HD) Chicago Med, Fire, PD

Chicago PD Season 2 DVD Promo (HD)

Chicago PD Season 3 Promo (HD)

Erin, Jay & Adam (AU) // Wildfire

Erin & Jay (AU) // Let the Light Back In

Erin & Jay (AU) // Tell Me How To Feel

Erin & Jay (AU) // I Never Meant To Fall For You

R.I.P Nadia Decotis☨

Nadia DeCotis|| "I Can Make An Explosion..." [+2x20]

50 shades of Linstead

Chicago PD | R.I.P Nadia [2.20+16.20]

Chicago PD | 5 Stages of Grief [+2x21]

Chicago PD | Flares

Erin and Nadia | "she is my friend" [+2x20]

F L A R E S {Chicago PD}

Chicago PD | The Crossover Tribute

chicago pd & chicago fire & svu | she is my friend [2x20;3x21;16x20]

What CPD is about?

Jay & Will Halsteads || Crawling 2x18

Chicago PD 2x18 Promo "Get Back to Even" (HD)

Erin and Jay || Under

Let Him Go {Jay and Erin}

dna: jay & erin {+2x12}