this is the evil chicken
hi my name is mr.chicken and im here to say HELLO lol anyways hi to all chickens out there, chicken tenders, chicken fillets, chicken nuggets and most of all EVERYTHING CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! watch out people chickens are waiting for revenge for you eating them even cows even ducks even any animal u can eat there coming after you so be careful where you walk cause they will be there watching you every step of the way :)
all animals are really angry at all humans who eat meat to survive well remember this chickens,ducks,cows,pigeons(thats right you can eat pigeons so mean!) and all of the above are all after meat lovers so think twice before eating a steak of any sort or even fish there living things just like us they breath they live they eat how would you like it if someone was going to kill and cook you and eat you for dinner thats right someone will do that these are just some wise words that i made up by the way im not a full vegetarian but i try not to eat lots of meat cause its mean so there you got this stuck in your head now please remember to think before you eat!
from sugerstar13 and animals

the evil chicken eye