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UnholyNoise said …
Uh, anyway, so what's up with the new layout? They are really pushing that medal count thing... Posted 13 days ago
Aang_Lite commented…
Which is really weird since it's so arbitrary on how you get them. 13 days ago
dewy60 said …
Part 2 of round 1 is Up! Which movie do you like more? The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin vs Quest for Calmelot, Thumbelina, The Swan Princess: Posted 15 days ago
dewy60 said …
Part 1 of the 1st round has ended it run on the disney crossovers fanpop page. The winner is a tie between belle and kayley from there, but who wins the war? Can you see who's the real winner is by combined votes? Posted 15 days ago