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The Swan Princess
Rise of The Guardians
The fans pick: Odette's Death
Odette's Death
Sandy's Death
The fans pick: Rise of The Guardians
Rise of The Guardians
The Swan Princess
The fans pick: The Swan Princess
The Swan Princess
Rise of The Guardians
The fans pick: Sandy
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dimitri_ said …
Simba was walking too slow so I told him to Mufasa. Posted 14 days ago
324anna commented…
Hahaha oh I love those silly puns so much. 9 days ago
MalloMar commented…
You win. I might be lion though. Heh. 6 days ago
PeacefulCritic commented…
Lol, that was ingenious thanks for that laugh!:D 2 days ago
UnholyNoise said …
Rewatched The Road to El Dorado recently for the first time in years and it's a lot better than what I remembered. Posted 27 days ago
dimitri_ commented…
Did that months ago but the same thing happened to me :) 27 days ago
wavesurf commented…
The Road To El Dorado was golden. I hadn't laughed that hard since Disney's Hercules, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. 25 days ago
ajotma commented…
^ I too love the songs! Elton John for life :))) Also, Migulio is my OTP! 2 days ago
UnholyNoise said …
So, what do y'all think of The Black Cauldron? I wasn't aware that so many people hated it... I thought it was great. Posted 1 month ago
PrueFever commented…
I love it, it's a great movie :3 1 month ago
cruella commented…
I like it. But I wouldn't say it's one Disney's best movies. 1 month ago
ben8899 commented…
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