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Tygers_Eye said …
I officially withdraw and take back the Wall post below this one. The polls are lovely and I'm glad everyone enjoys them. I'm now going to remove myself from the club until such a time when I can post in without creating or perpetuating any sort of fights. Which seems to be never. Good bye. Posted 10 days ago
324anna commented…
You really don't have to do this, personally I'm willing to forget this fight ever happened, especially since you apologized and said you didn't mean to start another argument, but it seems like I can't say anything to persuade you. And now I saw that you have already deleted your account. I'm very sorry and I'm going to miss you a lot. 10 days ago
MalloMar commented…
I was hoping it wouldn't wouldn't come to this. Even if you don't see this, I'm very sorry. I'll miss you, along with many others, and sincerely hope someday that you'll return (even if that's unlikely). It was great knowing you. I'm sorry, Tygers. And I'm sorry, Aly. 10 days ago
Tygers_Eye said …
*checks in for the first time in a week*
*sees a slew of "Who's prettier/hotter/sexier?" threads*
*leaves* Posted 13 days ago
cruella commented…
How about instead of complaining about it you make some different polls you like? Now there's an idea! 13 days ago
Tygers_Eye commented…
OMG, I AM SO, SO, SO SORRY! I honestly had no idea this would cause so much controversy, or such a huge fight! I honestly didn't intend to offend so many people, or start so much drama. In fact, it may not seem like it, but I kept the post short and dialogue-free specifically because I didn't want to offend anyone. I know, it seems stupid now, but I just wanted to get the point across that I had a *Marge walks into the livingroom with snacks, Marge hears kids complain about how lame it is when moms offer snacks, Marge turns around and walks right back into the kitchen* reaction. It was stupid, I know. I'm so sorry to offend everyone, and I'm sorry to (ONCE AGAIN) cause fighting. 10 days ago
Tygers_Eye commented…
324anna and Sk8er_grl, thank you for your constructive criticism. You're right, I've still been rude, negative, and immature around here. I keep saying I'll change, obviously I don't, so... yeah, I'll just exit stage left. 10 days ago
bigfishcatcher4 said …
Lola bunny is the hottest cartoon character ever Posted 16 days ago