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Winxclubgirl202 said …
I can't believe this movie is rated R but it's stop motion Posted 13 days ago
scarletunicorn said …
I think some people are too harsh on some damsels in distress. i've noticed that often the girls who get kidnapped and such are often put in situations that they can't manage to get out of (kidnapped by somebody stronger than them, or put into a spell they cannot break), so it's reasonable to think somebody like Odette or Snow White would need help to be freed. Posted 18 days ago
KataraLover commented…
I don't mind damsels in distress as long as they're interesting and entertaining like Odette, Snow White, and Jane for example. But if they're terrible characters like Princess Irene or Bella Swan, than I HATE them. But here on Fanpop I'm noticing more hate towards action girls than for damsels in distress, I think for some it's just for the sake of spiting people who hate damsels in distress. I tend to judge characters based off how likable they are, not based off how badass they are. 17 days ago
UnholyNoise commented…
^ Yeah, there's definitely a more "traditionalist" vibe on fanpop, while the pendulum swings very much the other way on tumblr. I think there are great and shitty characters among both tropes, and the my favorites are pretty evenly split. It all depends on who jumps out at me as a character, I really don't factor in how much saving or needing to be saved the heroine does. 7 days ago
scarletunicorn said …
Okay, how about an Anastasia x Princess and the Frog crossover. Both movies seem to exist in the same timeline, and feature similar things like curses and wizards and the like. Probably Anya went to the USA after the end of her movie and visited New Orleans. Posted 18 days ago