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Anastasia Dress Change
Similarities Between Disney and Non Disney Characters
Penny and Rufus
Asian Heroines
Princess Eilonwy: The best part of The Black Cauldron
Princess Eilonwy gets little to no credit
Disney's Official Red-Headed Step Child
Disney Heroines
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The fans pick: I Need a Hero
I Need a Hero
Accidentally in Love
The fans pick: The Prince Of Egypt
The Prince Of Egypt
The Road To El Dorado
The fans pick: Marilyn Monroe (third movie Cindy)
Marilyn Monroe (third movie Cindy)
Emma Watson
The Soundtrack
The Movie
The fans pick: Silvermist
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Winxclubgirl202 said …
I watched The Road To El Dorado for the first time and I loved it. A really good DreamWorks Film and the animation was beautiful. Posted 2 days ago
ajotma commented…
It's probably my favorite Dreamworks film besides The Prince of Egypt 7 hours ago
Winxclubgirl202 commented…
I loved The Prince Of Egypt, it's actually one of my teacher's favorite movies. 1 hour ago
Tygers_Eye said …
I recently rewatched The Black Cauldrong. It was as good as I remembered, but it reminded me how much I loved Princess Eilonwy as a kid, and how much I still love her now. I think it's a shame she gets little to no recognition just because her film flopped, because I think she really is a great character and Disney Princess besides. Posted 12 days ago
324anna commented…
I haven't watched that movie for ages, but from what I've heard, Eilonwy is an amazing character. That's why this is my favorite club, because here we can talk about underrated heroines like her. And she could easily be a DP if her movie was more popular and maybe less dark. 12 days ago
ZeldaFanForever commented…
I LOVE Eilonwy. She was Disney´s first REAL badass princess in my opinion :) 11 days ago
Tygers_Eye commented…
Definitely. A lot of great Disney Princess traits that people attribute as starting with Ariel actually started with Eilonwy. A princess who rescues herself and her love interest? Check. Being outspoken and assertive? Check. Being a bit of a tomboy? Check. Being more proactive? Check. Not saying the ones before her weren't good, but she started a lot of trends and traits that unfortunately she gets little credit for. 10 days ago
324anna said …
Can I ask something? In this site could you tell me who's that girl with the black long hair, the blue eyes and the very full lips in the first line? I have a feeling this site belongs to ZeldaFanForever, but i'm not sure, so I ask all of you. And maybe there's something wrong with my computer, but I can't click that photo to see the name of the heroine and the title of the movie, so please if you know, it would be great if you could tell me. Posted 28 days ago
Awinitarose commented…
I'm pretty sure that it's Diana from Wonder Woman. :) 28 days ago
324anna commented…
Oh really? Thank you! That's why she seemed to me so familiar... 27 days ago
324anna commented…
^ Oh, then I understand and thanks for the info. :) 25 days ago