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Opinion by 324anna posted 1 month ago
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I liked to write this article because I loved how beautiful and realistic these photos are. Jirka Väätäinen is so talented! I don't put them in a particular order. Enjoy!


She is lovely! Her blue eyes, her lips and her nose are exactly like the animated character's. Her hair is as close as it gets and the creator has managed to give her that sly look in her cute face. I also love how she has pointy ears. Her dress is nice but it doesn't look much like the one in the movie.


She is gorgeous! Her pointy nose looks very close to the animated Jane's and her lips have the right shape, even though they're not so thin (but if they were she wouldn't look realistic right?). Also the shape of her face is exactly the same as well as her hair. I love how she has those cute wrinkles under her eyes (is it wrinkles? I'm not sure how they called) but generally her eyes don't look like the animated character's and they're green. It's a pity that Jirka didn't make her with blue eyes, because I always loved that color. Her shirt is ok, I guess.
Opinion by KotokoAihara posted 2 months ago
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Cartoon Beauty
15). Annie Hughes
She is from the Iron Giant and I'm not sure if I have seen the movie. I thought I did, but I really don't remember it or her. She is so cute. I love the drawing style. She kind of looks like Belle just a little more cartoonized and with green eyes.

14). Princess Greta
She is from Little Long Nose and I think she is so cute and pretty. She kind of looks like Odette so maybe like her daughter. I could see if Derek and Odette have a daughter she would look like this. I haven't watched the movie, but I saw her on this site and i thought she was pretty.

13). (Princess) Snow White
She is from Happily Ever After and I think she is pretty. I like how she has long dark hair and blue eyes. She outfit is decent, but Disney's Snow White has better clothes. I actually really like her and her movie.

12). Princess Camille
She's from the movie Little Nemo and I think she is so cute and pretty. She looks a little like Anastasia to me maybe like a little sister or cousin. I love the outfits she wears. She has nice white skin, nicely-shaped blue...
Opinion by LibelluleBleu posted 2 months ago
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Here's are the results of Fanpop's prettiest CAMH

I asked people to make their Top 15 prettiest CAMH, 20 users gave me their list, thanks everyone !
The scoring of the ranks was done by a total point score (combined points to each character from the lists of all of the people that participated)! For example, if somebody had Odetteas #1 on their list, then she gets 15 points. If another person has her as #2, she gets 14 points and so on. If Odette is not in ranked in the top 10 on somebody's list, she gets no points.