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Opinion by dimitri_ posted 11 days ago
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10. Roxanne
It really bothers me how Roxanne doesn't make an appearance in the sequel, not even a mention UGH let's never take into account Disney sequels. Anyway, I can't pinpoint down the reasons as to why I love Roxanne. I just love her personality I guess; she's kind, forgiving and understanding.

9. Anastasia
This placement may have to do with my bias for feisty and spunky heroines but I remember the times when I needed to watch Anastasia everyday to get through life so it feels right having her here lol. The movie just has something special about it so the main protagonist is somewhat a part of me now. I also love how Anya doubts herself trying to find her family and where she belongs, ''life is full of choices but no one ever mentions fear''.

8. Esmeralda
Even though Esmeralda has it rough, she still thinks about the ones less fortunate than her. I think the world revolves around me at times, asking for wealth and glory to shine on my name. So I admire her so much for praying for the outcasts and for...
Opinion by uploaded900 posted 14 days ago
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Earlier this week an idea randomly popped into my head that I should make an article on characters with the prettiest eyes and here it is! It's made up of different eyes and unlike my beautiful eyes list with famous people that mostly has guys, this list mostly has has ladies. (Probably because they use many different shapes for women).

10) Apple Bloom

I was thinking about putting Apple Bloom as a usual pony, but I thought it would only be fair to use humans and she IS human in the movies. Ha! Anyway I love Apple Bloom's eyes because not only are they orange which is a cool and unusual color (I love unusual colors btw), but they also remind me of an ombre sunset which is amazing! Seriously two tone eyes!

9) Cinderella

I personally think that the classic Disney era had some of the best eyes because the female characters had proportional eyes then. I think Cinderella's icy blue color is really cool and almond eyes are my favorite eye shape. In the DP franchise she is shown with smaller eyes compared to the other princesses which makes me love them even more.
Opinion by Tygers_Eye posted 1 month ago
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I guess he's not a fan of ballets or 1980's animes.
Ever since Doug Walker did his review of The Swan Princess, I've noticed more and more people around the internet accuse this movie of being "Disney-lite," "a Disney knock-off," etc.

Problem is, the reasons they give are either something that almost EVERY animated movie has done since Snow White (singing, princesses, animal companions, etc) OR it was already in the original fairy tale-inspired ballet written and composed by Tchaikovsky decades before Disney ever got into animation.

Quick Backstory: The Swan Princess is based on the ballet Swan Lake, again, written and composed by Tchaikovsky. And it's a very faithful adaptation too. I've read plot summaries and watched the ballet proper, and The Swan Princess actually doesn't change too much plot-wise.

The only real changes they made are that Odette and Prince Siegfried (renamed Derek) grew up knowing each other, were arranged to marry, then broke up right before Odette got kidnapped and enchanted by the sorcerer Von Rothbart (just plain "Rothbart" in the movie). In the original ballet, the prince and princess meet for the first...