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Opinion by 324anna posted 2 months ago
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So, inspired by audreybrooke's article about which House would be more suitable for each Disney Princess (you can find the article in the DP spot), I decided to do the same for other heroines!

Oh and sorry for not putting Harry Potter related pictures to all the heroines, I was just too bored to edit them or even add a proper background that reminds us of a particular House (yellow for Hufflepuff for example, or red and gold for Gryffindor).


She's definitely a Gryffindor! Esmeralda is very fiery, passionate, brave, to the point of being reckless, and a fighter. She's not afraid of speaking her mind and she is willing to get into trouble in order to defend her friends. She can act without thinking of the consequences (like for example in the Festival of Fools where she stood to Frollo and she actually dared to mock him in front of all these people). She also appears very confident, playful and kinda cocky, especially during her dance in the Festival of Fools.
Opinion by avatar_tla_fan posted 3 months ago
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I hope this is okay, call me out if it isn't, but I will be posting some articles from the DP club I posted onto this spot.

My opinions on Rapunzel have changed a lot. When I joined Fanpop, she was second on my list. Eventually she moved up to first. After that, she made a bunch of drops, until she eventually reached the eleventh spot on my list. So I've gone from loving her to death to disliking her. Oh, well. I might as well explain why I dislike her then.

I dislike Rapunzel mostly because she's an overdone character and I feel like she's shoved onto me a lot as a character. You're supposed to see her as this amazing character who is easily relatable because of how she has many hobbies, and well rounded, and (apparently) funny and such. Well, that's why I feel there's this irritating, "pressure" to like her. She's an overdone character. She has.. Everything. There's at least one thing she does that you can probably relate to.
Opinion by dimitri_ posted 3 months ago
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10. Roxanne
It really bothers me how Roxanne doesn't make an appearance in the sequel, not even a mention UGH let's never take into account Disney sequels. Anyway, I can't pinpoint down the reasons as to why I love Roxanne. I just love her personality I guess; she's kind, forgiving and understanding.

9. Anastasia
This placement may have to do with my bias for feisty and spunky heroines but I remember the times when I needed to watch Anastasia everyday to get through life so it feels right having her here lol. The movie just has something special about it so the main protagonist is somewhat a part of me now. I also love how Anya doubts herself trying to find her family and where she belongs, ''life is full of choices but no one ever mentions fear''.

8. Esmeralda
Even though Esmeralda has it rough, she still thinks about the ones less fortunate than her. I think the world revolves around me at times, asking for wealth and glory to shine on my name. So I admire her so much for praying for the outcasts and for...