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Aurora with short hair
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Sleeping Beauty
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A beautiful song sung by Lea Michele (voice of Dorothy)
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legends of oz
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You can all watch the underrated and not very well known movie based off the classic story of The Princess and The Pea
the princess and the pea
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I have a weird list and some of you probably don't know most of these couples.

Other couples I love:
Milo & Kida (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
Tulio & Chel (Road to El Dorado)
Thumbelina & Cornelius (Thumbelina)
Bambi & Faline (Bambi)
Lady & Tramp (Lady & the Tramp)
Calhoun & Felix (Wreck-it Ralph)
Bernard & Bianca (The Rescuers)
Woody & Bo Peep (Toy Story)
Matthias & Cornflower (Redwall)
Mai & Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Haku & Chihiro (Spririted Away)
Gambit & Rogue (X-MEN)

10. Black Cat & Spider-Man (Spider-Man: The animated series)

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Damn, making my top 10 animated movies was harder than I thought! I have a feeling that I left out some, and there are some I would like to include but it's been a while that I haven't seen them, so the more appropriate way to describe this list is a rough draft of my favorite animated movies xD It's just really hard to make a favorites list and give proper explanations. There many animated movies that I love, but there only a couple that have stolen my heart 💜

10) The Nightmare Before Christmas

Starting this list is my favorite Christmas (or Halloween) movie! I'm not a fan of stop motion...
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I would usually post this on the Heroes club but that spot is a lost cause. Anyway, I'm really tired but I wanted to get this article done, I'll have to check up on it another time. Enjoy!

10. Nightcrawler

To be honest, 10th place could have been anyone. It was so hard for me to decide but here's the trouble maker, Nightcrawler. Come on, ''chicks dig the fuzzy dude!'' and teleportation is the most useful superpower ever. He was raised by Germans but biologically he's Mystique's son and Rogue's brother.

9. Thomas

Thomas is not one of those characters I feel forced to feel bad for. No...
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*Honorable mentions*

* Princess Kida (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

It is truly bogus that even though she is technically a princess, Kida isn't marketed as such just because her movie didn't do well. Her ties to royalty are more real than, say, Mulan's are. Anyway... this woman is so badass. Physically, Kida can hold her own against anybody who tries to take her on or who poses a threat to her people. She's speaks a ton of languages, she's compassionate, she doesn't take crap from anybody, and she and Milo are equals in their relationship – he rescues her, but then it's her turn to save...
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