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Childhood Animated Movie Villains Videos

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am i a villain? [disney villains]

Osmosis Jones~ Thrax's First Encounter

Lotso Hate

Disney Villain Transformations Time-lapse

The Little Mermaid - Final Battle

The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition Ursula's Transformation

Cruella De Vil Hate

VoicePlay Cruella De Vil

101 Dalmatians Cruella De Vil's Outburst Scene

Nostalgia Chick - Top 11 Villainesses

Nostalgia Critic: Top 11 Animated Disney Villains

Top 10 Awesome Disney Villain Deaths

Top 10 Disney Villain Songs

cruella's Top 10 Most Beautiful Animated Villainesses

Top 10 Anime Villains

Top 20 Disney Animated Villains

Top 10 Disney Animated Villain Songs

Top 10 Non-Disney Animated Villain Songs

Top 10 Non-Disney Animated Villains

Top 10 Pixar Villains

cruella's Top 15 Animated Villains

Top 20 Non Disney Animated Villain Songs

Top 10 Disney Villain Songs

Top 10 Most Brutal Disney Deaths

Top 5 most Brutal Non-Disney Villain Deaths


I Need a Hero

Yer Beautiful Baby

On the Road

In the Dark of the Night

My Lullaby

Be Prepared

Friends on the Other Side

Poor Unfortunate Souls

dark horse - villains

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Cats Don't Dance: BIG and LOUD

Non/Disney Villains - Smooth Criminal

Disney Villains - One Winged Angel

Non/Disney Villains Tribute

The Pebble & The Penguin - Don't Make Me Laugh

Ferngully- Toxic Love

Angel [Tanya/Cat R. Waul - American Tail]

Cat R. Waul's Cruel World

In the Dark of the Night Sped Up

Yer Beautiful Baby Sped Up

Be Prepared Sped Up

Mob Song Sped Up

Gaston Sped Up

Ruber Slow

In The Dark Of The Night G-Major

When You're Big (land before time 3) G-Major

Mob Song (beauty/beast) G-Major

Be Prepared G-Major

Hell Fire G-Major

Poor Unfortunate Souls G-Major