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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
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The fans pick: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Mary Poppins
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yes i do!
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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Wall

hansolo77 said …
I first went and saw this movie when I was 6 years old I have fond memories going to see it it was in an old picture theatre in Melbourne Australia known as the hoyts regent theatre on Collins street Melbourne I was living in an institution back then known as the allambie reception centre in burwood melbourne Posted over a year ago
jokerfan28 said …
I first watched this movie when I was around twelve or thirteen. For some reason, the Child Catcher was my favorite character. Posted over a year ago
ZeskoWhirligan said …
There have been a few Chitty Chitty Bang Bang toys marketed over the years, among them the Corgi die-cast models, a Mattel model, and a few others; they were more or less faithful to the original design, some regrettably lacking in detail. All of these toys have achieved some considerable value in the collecting world.

However, there was ONE toy in particular that I have not seen resurface since the 1960s, and I would imagine that it's among the rarest and most valuable today. Posted over a year ago
ZeskoWhirligan commented…
This was a small plastic model of the car, perhaps only 5 inches long with extendable wings, but remarkably with a FLOATATION device, so you could float it in the bathtub, right. It was a little inflatable raft, with the same stripe decor as seen in the film. This toy was only available from Post Cereals, I believe, if you mailed in several boxtops and a nominal fee for shipping and handling. Now, I've seen every other CCBB toy cycle through the modern online auctions, but I have YET to see this one come through. over a year ago
ZeskoWhirligan commented…
Do any of you know what I'm talking about? over a year ago
katealphawolf commented…
I think I have seen those on eBay before. over a year ago