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My tribute to Christa

Christa Miller...WONDERFUL

Scrubs : BTS Of my cold Shower

Cougar Town - This Fall on ABC

Scrubs: The Making Of My Princess

Scrubs DVD release Interview

Scrubs Farewell Interview Pt 1

Scrubs Farewell Interview Pt 2

Scrubs - S6 Interviews With Christa, Sarah and Judy

Budweiser® Christa Miller in I Love You 1990

Scrubs Cast Farewell Tour Interview

Scrubs Season 6 Interview ( Heaps Of christa in it)

Scrubs Sneak peak Clip 2

The Drew Carey show - Piolt - 1.01

Behind The Scenes of My Princess Part 2

Behind the scenes My Princess

Christa Miller and Ryan Stiles Interview

christa - behind the scenes of scrubs

Drew Carey And Christa Miller 1998 Interview

Kates Quitting Song

The Scrubs Cast on How Hot Zach Is

Christa Miller On Party Of Five

Christa singing with The Go-go´s

Christa in a TV pilot that never got picked up

Christa Miller On Jimmy Kimmel May 23 2008

Christa Miller Behind the Scenes Interview

The Andromeda Strain Full Mini Series

Newbies -Scrubs Dvd - Christa Miller

Christa Miller and Sarah Chalke's Scrubs Handshake

Christa Miller' Wear It Speech

The Andromeda Strain: Dr. Angela Noyce

Christa's Wear It Tv Ad

Christa Miller in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Scrubs Dvd Interview: Inspiration For Dr Cox

Kate Lewis and Oswald Go To marriage counseling

Christa Miller In A straightJAcket

Mr Wick And Kate Almost Have Sex

Christa Miller Raps To Her Version Of Eminem

Drew Carey Show Bloopers

Early '90s Bud Dry Commercial

The Drew Carey Show - The Gang Have A buzz Beer Meeting

Drew Carey show Behind The Scenes Life Inside A Cubicle

Scrubs: Behind the Scenes

Scrubs Jordan does Botox

the drew carey show kates crazy family