Life is short, so make the best of it. About 6 months ago, my Grandpa came to live with us. He was sick of cancer. He was bedridden since Christmas. Everyone at my house was depressed and stressed. My mom would sometimes not even talk to you. It ruined me. My Grandpa passed, and left a huge mess. He had debt and lots of those issues. Wen he was with us, we couldnt go out or on vacation because he needed help. I was completely out of it. The girls at my gym started to ignore me. I became really quiet and tired. I used to smile, laugh, and goof off constantly. Now I sleep. But it was getting better. Then my gym closed, and I had to go to a new one. I'm still adjusting. I had no freetime. But I survived with the help of one person... Christian Beadles. He reminded me of the other me. When I used to dance and laugh. He helped me get through it all. He was one of the only things that could always make smile. Because of him and his sister, I dance and laugh again. I have a brightness in my eyes. I am friendlier and much happier. We are almost exactly alike now. Please help me contact my hero. Please write messages and Tweets and tell him to contact me on here. He is my soul brother, and I want to be able to laugh with him. After all Ive been through lately, I need someone like him to help me pull through. Please help me rebuild myself and my life. Love you forever!