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Guide by Ikuba posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Christian Slater is going to star in a new movie with Toby Hemmingway and Jennifer Missoni called Playback.
Michigan Movie Magazine got to visit the set and speak with Christian and Toby, along with Director Michael A. Nickles.

you can check out the story if you go to michigan movie magazine . biz

heres a link if it works here.


Beginning of Story written by Kendra Ray of Michigan Movie Magazine.

On a sunny September afternoon in Grand Rapids, the quintessential activities of a quiet neighborhood scene fill up the atmosphere - children riding their bikes, a school bus making its routine stops, and a man reading a book on his front porch. One-by-one, however, by-standers begin to line the sidewalks, cameras in hand, waiting for something to arise from the perfectly placed set of Playback. Rather than emerging from one of the trailers, Christian Slater arrives, fully-uniformed and driving a cop car, ready to meet the eager on-lookers.