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hshepherd posted on Sep 25, 2010 at 04:01AM
Jar of hearts is incredible! I'm old school and though I don't prefer tats and piercings, those attributes are far overshadowed by your talent. Please don't let your grey matter be altered by any agent or handler that would lend you to substance abuse. Your talent is just too great to allow for that. Congratulations on your current success. I pray your commitment and resolve will persevere. You are so great. Preserve it for us through your hard work, creativity, and ingenuity. Best wishes for all your future successes. Ron

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over a year ago hshepherd said…
I am and I made the post vice hshepherd, whose computer I used. Please accept my compliments, particularly on Jar of Hearts! You're an amazing talent. Ron
over a year ago hshepherd said…, Christina you are sensational! Don't relent in any manner. Your talent is just too good and important to your mass public and society in general. Keep on doing great, according to your own resolve, not that of others. Follow your heart. Ron
over a year ago XxGigglesxX said…
I don't get it? lol