Okay,first of all,this isn't what u might think.And you might've played it before.I'm gonna get to the point.
Dirty Christmas is a game you and your family can play on Christmas.Everyone brings a mystery gift(it can be funny or normal).You draw numbers out of a bowl,cup,or hat,something like that.The person with the lowest number goes first.TRhey pick a present,and unwrap it.That is what they keep.BUT,someone with a higher number can steal it,then the person it was stolen from gets another present.Youkeep going until everyone has a present.
My family plays it in different groups;Adults,teens,and little kids.Above is the way the teens and adults play.
The kids play in a different way.They get in a circle,and go around grabbing presents until they are all gone.No one can steal anything.
It's a really fun game,and I say you and your family should try it.