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Guide by ChiliPepperLuv posted over a year ago
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Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, all the presents, decorations, etc. Remember, though, Christmas can also be hectic and stressful. Here's just a few tips on how to survive the Christmas season.
1. Telling your mother that she has enough ornaments only gives her an excuse to buy more.
2. If you are dragged to a neighbor's house for a Christmas party, don't drink the eggnog if you plan to stay sober. Don't be like my uncle. That "spicy, different taste" is called rum.
3. If your grandmother is cooking Christmas dinner, and she has a terrible memory, don't count on her to take out the roast beef on time. Bring your own timer.
4. If you're not sure what to give your family for Christmas, get a gift card for their favorite restaurants or stores, and wrap it up. Don't be like my aunt who gave me and my sister hideous outfits for Christmas.
5. Don't eat Santa's cookies until your younger siblings are asleep. Otherwise, your younger siblings will never trust you again.
Article by Swanpride posted over a year ago
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In Germany, today is the First Advent – meaning the first of the for Sundays before Christmas. It is often the last Sunday in November, but this year, it happens to be exactly on December first. Advent is here the time we spend in preparation for the Christmas celebrating, lighting one candle every Sunday.

The sixth of December is a very special day, Nicholas day. The prior evening, everyone in the house is cleaning their largest pair of shoes and putting it in front of the fireplace (or another special place). The next morning, the shoes are filled with sweets – if the children have been good. Supposedly Sankt Nicholas comes during the night to leave his gifts. He is accompanied by Knecht Ruprecht, who punishes bad children with his stick and leaves a piece of coal instead of sweets (some parents like to skip over this part of the legend nowadays).

The poem I decided to translate is set at this very special night. I did my best to keep the tone and the rhyme scheme. It is certainly not perfect, but I hope you like it nevertheless:
Article by larryisa_styles posted over a year ago
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Hi my name is Maria Carrolline Jillian Ezabelle Devosti.
I decided to write this letter to Santa because i really want to receive this wish/present in Christmas. I hope you like it.

You can do the ff:
-you are free to comment :)
-you can share the link to others that will appear in your URL.
-you can also make your own Christmas wish

The ff. you should not do:
-no haters allowed
-do not copy the article

*The letter is consist of One Direction songs

>hope you like it< :)

My Christmas Wish

Dear Santa or Saint Nick,
I just want ONE THING to receive this Christmas. I know this sounds ridiculous but if you make my wish come true i will be the most happiest Directioner in the whole wide world. Its GOTTA BE YOU Santa, only you who can make my wish come true. I will stay UP ALL NIGHT underneath my Christmas tree just for my wish/present to come. There's so many things in the world that I WANT but this one are just LITTLE THINGS. This Christmas...