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Chuck & Sarah | I want you, and I always will.

Chuck & Sarah | No One's Gonna Love You

Chuck & Sarah || Earned It || Wish #11

I could easily lose my mind.

wolf's law | chuck & sarah

Sarah Walker | Mysterious Ways

Chuck & Sarah | Stolen

chuck&sarah | satellite

Chuck+Sarah || This Love Came Back To Me

Chuck Humor

chuck&sarah | love me like you do


Chuck: The Best of John Casey

Chuck - Chuck and Sarah - Do you love me (3x13) Kiss

Chuck+Sarah; All of Me {#9}

chuck+sarah | maybe we'll make it

chuck&sarah | come around.

Chuck & Sarah | Something Beautiful

Chuck and Sarah Bleeding Love

Chuck & Sarah || High Hopes

Chuck and Sarah Tribute- The Naked And Famous

The Chuck Bartowski Trivia Game!

Chuck e Sarah- Sky's still blue

Think Of You | Chuck & Sarah

i'm gonna be ll chuck & sarah

CHUCK Season 5 Bonus : Versus The Final Episode

Chuck-The Future (DVD extra season 5)

Chuck Says Goodbye

Chuck And Sarah Moments - Unseen Scenes

chuck+ sarah| Say Something

Chuck + Sarah; This Could Be Something

-Chuck- The Best Of Morgan Grimes - Season 2

-Chuck- The Best Of Morgan Grimes - Season 1

Chuck Special! - Chuck Versus the Accents

Chuck & Sarah Scene - Why Were You Waiting In My Room

Charah "Im also your girlfriend"

Sarah Walker Please I'm Begging You, I love him

Chuck [Season 2] Bloopers

Put some clothes on

Chuck&Sarah | Wrecking Ball

Chuck&Sarah || I think...

Chuck [Can't Hold Us] +Sukerlover147

open your eyes | chuck & sarah

chuck&sarah | never stop

chuck&sarah | satellite (#5)

Chuck Tribute 2007-2012

Chuck | Cray Button

Zachary Levi on Making a "Chuck" Movie, What Makes Him Mad

►Sarah Walker | Heart Attack

Chuck & Sarah - ["For The First Time" by The Script]

Chuck&Sarah; We're So So Close, We're Staring At It

Chuck & Sarah/Cast tribute - Goodbye (REUPLOAD)

Chuck&Sarah || "I'm not cut for this no more..."

A Drop In The Ocean || Chuck

chuck&sarah | all i want

Chuck and Sarah Moments - Season 4

Chuck and Sarah Moments - Season 3

Chuck and Sarah Moments - Season 2

Chuck and Sarah Moments - Season 1

chuck&sarah | a thousand years

Sarah Walker | It's In My Trunk

Domino || Sarah Walker

chuck & sarah | please don't say you love me

Hold It Against Me || Chuck/Sarah

We Found Love || Chuck/Sarah

Chuck | Rep This Sh!t

Chuck & Sarah | Rivers and Roads

"Only You Can Save Me" || Chuck & Sarah

Chuck+Sarah | fix you

Fever | Sarah Walker

"I Won't give up..." - Chuck&Sarah

Midnight City | Chuck & Sarah

Chuck + Sarah || I remember what you wore on our first day

Chuck/Sarah - Terrified

Arms|| Chuck/Sarah

We might as well be strangers|| Chuck/Sarah

Chuck & Sarah - Just a kiss

hypnotized; chuck & sarah

Into the fire | Chuck & Sarah

Sarah + Chuck - Be Still

Chuck/Sarah || Feel Again

Chuck & Sarah-Holding A Heart

Chuck and Sarah - I Won't Give Up

Chuck & Sarah - "Chuck....Tell me our story"

Shine || Chuck/Sarah

♥ Chuck & Sarah || Mine Again ♥

A Thousand Years || Chuck&Sarah

Chuck&Sarah | Far Away

Chuck & Sarah's Story - "Rivers and Roads"

Chuck/Sarah| Eyes on fire

Sarah Walker || Feel Me

Chuck & Sarah | new york

Chuck&Sarah; I Don't Live A Perfect Life

Fall Back In Love Eventually - Chuck & Sarah

Chuck|Sarah {..sooner or later..}

Chuck&Sarah || Broken

Chuck and Sarah -Someday you will find me-

Chuck/Sarah Promo ~ I'm right here, Chuck

Chuck & Sarah | promise me

sarah walker | I just want to keep this dream in me