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Bittersweet Life: Chuck

Chuck Online Fan Featurette

beggin' (chuck/sarah)

and then you; chuck + sarah

chuck&sarah | heart racing

Bad Boy | Morgan Grimes (Chuck)

A thousand years; Chuck + Sarah

Trouble: Chuck

Meteor Shower: Alex and Casey

Chuck vs The End

Little Wonders :: Chuck Tribute

I never dreamed that I'd love somebody like you | chuck & sarah

Season 5 Gag Reel

Chuck & Sarah \\ A Thousand Years

"Tell me our story; chuck/sarah

Chuck + Sarah || Losing Your Memory

Chuck&Sarah; "Tell me our story."

Chuck/Sarah: I Can See the Flickers...

chuck & sarah • sky's still blue

Losing your Memory: Chuck and Sarah

Chuck&Sarah | one day (for Elise)

Chuck - Fresh Feeling (Final Tribute)

Chuck and Sarah - It's real

Game over; Team Bartowski

Chuck || means always faithful.

Chuck - Series Finale EPK Interviews

Chuck - Series Finale Promo

Time of our LIves: Chuck Cast

Hold It Against Me || Sarah Walker

Jump + Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker // Bang Bang

Sarah Walker; Are You Afraid Yet?

Rubik's Cube :: Morgan and Alex

Sarah Walker: Lost Along the Way

Chuck & Sarah | An Oldie But A Goodie

The Angels Warned Me || Chuck\Sarah

Chuck&Sarah // Always

For blue skies | Chuck & Sarah

chuck & sarah | we found love

Gotta be Somebody: Chuck Couples

Sarah Walker Bartowski//Don't Back Down *For LightningXDisaster*

Chuck 5x02 - "Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit" Promo

Higher: Chuck Ensemble

Chuck Versus the Zoom [5x01] Sneak Peek #3

Chuck Versus the Zoom [5x01] Sneak Peek #2

Chuck Versus the Zoom [5x01] Sneak Peek #1

chuck&sarah | the very first time

Chuck Season 4 Bloopers

Yvonne Strahovski Says Sarah Will Finally Be a "Normal Person" on Chuck's Fifth and Last Season

chuck & sarah-baby

Chuck 5x01 Promo #1

Chuck & Sarah- I can be your hero....

Where We Belong - Chuck Cast

Ellie Bartowski - Hey, Soul Sister

[Chuck] John Casey // Diamond Eyes

bang bang (sarah walker)

Like a G6 / Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker // London Bridge

Glittering Clouds (Bryce/Sarah)

little bad girl. (sarah walker)

We R Who We R // Team Bartowski

chuck | team bartowski | a kiss with a fist is better than none;

Sarah Walker: Plan B *BOMGV*

Against all odds | Chuck & Sarah

A brand new name | Sarah Walker

She promenades into the dark | Chuck & Sarah

Chuck trailer

Lighters :: Chuck and Sarah

Chuck: Calls me Home

Zachary Levi singing with Mandy Moore

Good Life: Chuck Cast

The Ugly Couch Show Interviews the Cast of 'Chuck' @ Comic Con 2011

TVLine.Com Interviews the Cast of 'Chuck' @ Comic Con 2011

Cast of 'Chuck' @ Comic Con 2011

Chuck's Tearful Farewell at SDCC 2011

EW.Com Interview with the Cast of 'Chuck'

'Chuck' Panel @ the 2011 San Diego Comic Con

AOL Interviews the Cast of 'Chuck' @ Comic Con

Dropped - Chuck

west coast rocks (sarah walker)

Chuck S01E01 PREAiR

Chuck Season 5 Teaser

Hummingbird heartbeat: Morgan and Alex

This is War: Chuck Ensemble

Heartbreakin' Diva; Sarah Walker.

Everybody's Changing

The Story of Chuck & Sarah - Season 4

Chuck & Sarah: My heart screams Color

➜Oh, I won't sleep tonight.

Multifandom - {Life is good}

Team Bartowski - Immunize

Just the Way You Are (Zac and Yvonne)

I am playing God | Chuck 4x23

Chuck Season 4 Finale Sneak Peek #3

Chuck Season 4 Finale Sneak Peek #2

Chuck Season 4 Finale Sneak Peek #1

Chuck vs The Cliffhanger - Zachary Levi & Yvonne Strahovski Interview

Chuck vs The Cliffhanger - Behind The Scenes

Chuck 4x24 "Chuck Vs the Cliff Hanger" Promo (1) SEASON FINALE

Chuck 4x23 "Chuck Vs The Last Details" Promo (1)