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Chuck vs the Beard Sneak Peek #2

Chuck vs the Beard Sneak Peek #1

Chuck 3x09 promo


Chuck Sneak Peek Of Post-Olympic Return

Chuck & Sarah | Papercut

Terrified - Chuck and Sarah

Chuck- Family Affair

Chuck & Sarah -Whats Left of Me

Chuck || Hide and Seek- Imogen Heap

Chuck&Sarah {I love you}

Chuck - Sarah "Will you run away with me ?"

Chuck and Sarah - My Sacrifice

Chuck and Sarah // Bedshaped

Chuck & Sarah (Why Don't You)

Whatever it Takes | Chuck/Sarah

Chuck and Sarah- Wild Horses

Backwards Walk | Chuck&Sarah (Season 3)

Belle of the Boulevard | Chuck/Sarah/Cole/Jamie

Chuck vs the Mask 3.07 Sneak Peek

Chuck "Chuck vs. the Mask" Promo Trailer

Chuck 3x06 - 'Chuck Vs. the Nacho Sampler' Sneak Peek 1

Misery Business [Chuck/Sarah]

Chuck & Sarah - Before The Worst

Only Human - chuck and sarah

Chuck & Sarah (The pieces don´t fit anymore)

Sarah & Chuck (My closest friend)

NBC Chuck/Sarah-Grow Old With You

Chuck and Sarah - Skinny Love.

Chuck and Sarah - Not Meant to Be

Chuck and Sarah | Your love is my drug

use somebody (chuck/sarah)

Chuck Season 3 Episode 6 Trailer

Chuck 3x06 Canadian Promo - Chuck Versus Nacho Sampler

Chuck 3X05 Promo #2

Chuck 3.05 Interview Excerpt: Joshua Gomez and Zachary Levi

Chuck 3.05 Sneak Peak #5

Chuck 3.05 Sneak Peak #4

Chuck 3.05 Sneak Peak #3

Chuck 3.05 Sneak Peak #2

Chuck 3.05 Sneak Peak #1

Chuck 3.05 Behind the Scenes Part 2

Chuck 3.05 Behind the Scenes Part 1

Kristin Kreuk Chuck Interview

Sarah Lancaster talks about the upcoming season of CHUCK

Chuck Season 3 Episode 5 Promo

Blurry | Chuck/Sarah (3x01-3x03)

Chuck and Sarah - Everything I asked for

Chuck & Sarah - Inconsolable

Chuck 3.04 Sneak Peek #4 & #5

Chuck 3.04 Sneak Peek #3 ~ Sarah/ Devon/Chuck/Casey/Sydney

Chuck 3.04 Sneak Peek #2 ~ Jeff/Lester/Chuck/Sarah

Chuck 3.04 Sneak Peek #1 ~ Sydney/Devon

Watch With Kristin: Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin

Interview: Scott Krinsky From NBC's Chuck

3x04 promo

Behind the Scenes. 3x03

Chuck Season 3 General Promo - Coming This Season On Chuck

Chuck and Sarah - Hot Air Balloon

John Casey

'Chuck' 2.0: New Skills, Same Heart

David Letterman - Zachary Levi's Puerto Rican Adventure

Chuck 3.02 "Chuck Versus the Three Words" Sneak Peak #1

Chuck & Sarah - Come back to me

On-Set Interview With Chuck's Zachary Levi

The Scientist [Chuck/Sarah]

Chuck//Sarah (Charah) - Pieces (Sarah's Death)

Any Way You Want It | Chuck/Sarah

On Your Side | Chuck/Sarah

Promo #14

Interview with Yvonne Strahovski

Preview & Behind The Scenes.

Getting Closer - Do You Like Comedy?

Chuck Season 3 Promo # 13 "Love versus Career"

Chuck NBC-Youtube contest

Chuck 3.01 "Chuck Versus The Pink Slip" Sneak Peak #1

Chuck Season 3 Promo # 12 "Upgraded"

Chuck Season 3 Promo #11 "Chuckspert"

Chuck Season 3 Promo #10

Chuck Season 3 Promo #9 No More Mr Nice Spy

someone like you (chuck/sarah)

Sarah & Chuck Teardrops on my guitar Taylor Swift

Chuck and Sarah - Everybody

Chuck and Sarah - I Want To Save You

Chuck and Sarah - Forever

Chuck & Sarah - Find A Way

Chuck Season 3 Promo #8

Zachary Levi: The Chase

Zachary Levi: The Chase - Extended Version

Zachary Levi: Behind the Scenes of "The Chase"

Chuck Season 3 Promo #7 "Chuck Checklist"

Chuck Season 3 HD Promo #6

Chuck Season 3 HD Promo #5

Chuck Season 3 HD Promo #4

Chuck Season 3 HD Promo #3

Chuck Season 3 HD Promo #2

Chuck Cast - Love Today

Chuck Season 3 Preview

Chuck Season 3 Promo #1

Yvonne Strahovski - Last Call with Carson Daly