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Opinion by stacyfxvideos posted over a year ago
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MySpace/Wendy’s Get Close Real Unknown Winner!
Dominique Steele was not the real winner of the MySpace/Wendy’s Get Close contest who met with Ciara in February 2011. According to the videographer/producer, Adam Nelson, Ciara jilted the original winner and refused to go ahead with her agreement with MySpace/Wendy’s unless the runner up won the prize. MySpace gave into Ciara’s demands but paid for the original winner to hang out in the background with “media winner” who was really the runner up.

According to the videographer/producer, Adam Nelson, of Adam Nelson photography, the ungrateful “media winner” runner up was unhappy to share her moment of fame with the true winner. Dominique was full of attitude the whole time, according to Adam. She made several complains to MySpace. Dominique’s mother shared the negative attitude and pulled out the contest rules and argued that the other girl and her male companion shouldn’t be there.

The original winner never complained about being rejected by Ciara or Dominique. She never complained about missing her 15 minutes of fame or not being in the spotlight. She was Ciara’s true fan. She loved Ciara and even got her a stuffed animal...
Opinion by sall13 posted over a year ago
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Romers are going around that ciara is actually a boy. But i dont know if thats true because to me she looks like a girl.
If your wondering how did he or she get to have a voice like a girl well... people say that maybe it took lots of training for her voice to be like that.
people even say that She also had to go for surgery to make her self look like a girl. and I also bet that her hair is fake its ethere inplants or a wig glood on with extra extra strong glue.

well i want you guys to tell me what you think wathere she is a girl or a boy.You can even add on if you want to.