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Fan fiction by LorMel posted over a year ago
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Ciel looked out the window of his manor in silence. The year is 1888, Ciels now the age of 13. He lets out a sigh. "My Lord." Ciel turned around to see his butler, Sebastian, behind him, holding a tray. "Your tea, milord" Ciel only nodded his head and pulled out the chair. He sat down. "You have a gest milord" Sebastian said while making up the tea. "Gest? Who?" "Lady Elizabeth, your fiancé" A bead of sweat formed.
For those who don't know, Elizabeth is actually Ciels cousin, and hes getting married to her...
"CIEL?" Ciels put a hand on his head. "Shes here."
Ciel stood slowly. "Ciel!!!!" Elizabeth came sprinting from the door, almost knocking over Ciels tea tray.
"Oh, Ciel! You lovely dawg!"
" Sebastian..."
"Milady, it seems you've grown pale"
"Pale?!" Elizabeth touched her face.
"Yes... Finni!"
A rather small butler with blond hair, and dressed very oddly, but yet very strong, male came to the door.
"Take Elizabeth away..."
Opinion by Mushii posted over a year ago
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As known to most fans of this anime/manga, there are pairings and couples that fan girls, find outstanding and choose to pair up because they are, as often stated, made for each other.

In Kuroshitsuji, or Black Butler, most pairings are yaoi, seeing as the anime contains mostly male characters. But at times, these yaoi-pairings go a little too far.

First of all, I want to say that I have no intentions of insulting or offending you, not at all, but I want to come with a point of view of especially one couple; Our beloved Ciel X Sebastian pairing.

First off I want to state that Ciel is a thirteen year old boy, he has no sexual intentions whatsoever in the anime, nor does he appear as a highly sex-obsessed freak that many take him to be. To tell the truth, it's highly doubtful, even at times that he might be having a few 'outbreaks' of thoughts and feelings* (seeing as he is in his teens), that he goes to his thirty year old butler for his needs to be satisfied.