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The fans pick: YES! he's not what I pictured Mr.Crepsley to look like
YES! he&# 39; s not what I pictured...
NO! he&# 39; s a good pick for the...
The fans pick: Books!
The fans pick: I cant choose!
The fans pick: NO!!!
The fans pick: Larten Crespley
Larten Crespley
Darren Shan
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Mr_Schy said …
Love the series. read it so long ago. I actually made an account at a library a few towns over and got the books 1-6 and never took them back. The only one I dont have is book 10 (The lake of souls). =( Posted over a year ago
KuroroandGiroro said …
OMG \^o^/ I LOVE THE SERIES!!!! Posted over a year ago
megaotaku64 said …
I saw the movie and after reading the books and the manga version it really disappointed me. I feel like they could have done a lot better with it. I think the director made the movie lean towards the comedy side more then the horror side even when the book series was a horror series and the movie should have been made more like that. Throughout the movie it felt like they tried to slip jokes in at the wrong time and this movie should have been more serious! Posted over a year ago
tigerwolf commented…
I agree. I just bought the movie because I don't like to watch stuff on the computer. And I was disappointed. I just couldn't stop pointing all the mistakes in the movie. over a year ago