* Throughout Season 4, Emilie de Ravin wore a long blond wig due to cutting her hair into a 1920's style bob for her role in the 2009 film, "Public Enemies" (in which she co-starred alongside Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and Channing Tatum).
* Emilie de Ravin has had the most changes in contract out of all cast members. From "Pilot, Part 1" to "Homecoming", Emilie de Ravin was actually a guest star, possibly on a holding contract, meaning she had legal obligations to portray Claire when need be throughout the original 13 ordered episodes (after the "Pilot"), but could pursue other work, as the future of her character was unclear (hence, the kidnapping). Therefore, in the episodes in which she appeared, she was billed as a regular. She made it to a regular contract by "Outlaws" after the show was picked up for an entire season (episodes 16 - 24/25)[1]. As of "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3", Emilie de Ravin was demoted to a holding contract due to Claire's absence, but did not appear in Season 5.
o This makes Claire the first (and to this day, only) character to have been promoted from a holding contract to regular status, though characters such as Ben and Desmond have made the jump from recurring guest star to regular status, and characters such as Walt (in season 2) and Charlie (in Season 4) have made the jump from regular status to holding contract.
* Claire, Jin and Sawyer are the only original major characters yet to leave the Island at least once. Jack, Kate, Sun, Hurley, Sayid, Locke and Walt all eventually end up on the mainland; Boone, Shannon, Charlie and Michael are deceased.
* Claire has met all of the main characters, except Daniel.
* Claire's tent has been destroyed as the SAT phone that Frank Lapidus threw out of the helicopter in "Cabin Fever" landed on it.
* Although brother and sister, Claire and Jack went on opposite sides in terms of staying on the Island or leaving. Claire went with Locke, who is a man of faith, to stay on the Island while Jack, who is a man of science, decided to contact the freighter.
* In seasons 1, 2 and 3, Claire had consistently been the character with the lowest amount of episode appearances (living character by the end of a season). This is ironic since she has appeared in 10 out of 13 Season 4 episodes, the tied for the third highest amount of episode appearances in Season 4 (only Jack, Juliet, Hurley, Daniel and Kate have appeared in more).
* Claire had only one appearance in Season 5 ("The Little Prince"), consisting of archive footage from "Do No Harm".
* Claire was the second Flight 815 survivor to visit the interior of Jacob's cabin and the only to use the Cabin as a "temporary home".
* Claire was originally intended to be the surrogate mother of her friends, Ruth and Stuart's baby.
* During an interview about the episode "Par Avion", Emilie de Ravin stated that the period in which the flashbacks occurred during this episode were based when Claire was 17. Since Claire is 22 on the Island, this indicates that the year of the flashbacks during "Par Avion" was either late 1999 or early to mid 2000.
* According to Hurley, Claire is very influential among the survivors. ("Left Behind")
* Claire has once been described by writers to be the heart and soul of the survivors.
* Claire was the eighth character to ever have a flashback.
* Claire's episode count so far is 60 (as of Season 5), yet she is credited with 79 episodes.
* Claire is yet to appear in the 7th episode of a season.
* Claire was eight months pregnant when Oceanic 815 crashed.
* In the final moments of the first two season finales, Claire reconciling with Charlie is shown.
o Claire and Charlie were the last two main characters to be seen in Season 2.
o This is also shown in the next-to-last episode of Season 3, sealed with a kiss and the last time they see each other; though it is not in the final moments, it is near the end of the episode.
* Claire came across a Death Adder while on a walkabout in Australia, in the Lost novel Endangered Species.
* So far, all of Claire's flashback episodes seem to have a pattern:
o Claire has only one centric episode per season. (except Season 4)
o All Claire-centric episodes have followed Sayid-centric episodes.
o Claire has not appeared in episodes directly preceding or following her centric episodes.
* Claire's birthday is October 27 (The same day the Red Sox won the World Series).
* Claire's accident in the water is the way that Joanna died. They were both caught in some sort of riptide and swept out to sea. ("White Rabbit") ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")
* Claire believes in astrology. Her Sun sign is Scorpio; the eighth sign of the Zodiac.
* Claire has a model airplane on her bedside table.[2] ("Raised by Another")
* Claire is one of three characters portrayed by principal cast in Season 2 never to appear in the Swan (the other two being Walt and Shannon).
* We don't find out her name until "Walkabout".
* Not counting Boone (who was deceased by that time), she is one of only two of the original 14 main characters to not receive a flashback from her perspective in Exodus, due to it being deleted.
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